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How to quickly increase your Online Store Sales?

Author: Amrina Alshaikh
by Amrina Alshaikh
Posted: Nov 01, 2020
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Anyone who has created their own online store in India wants to enhance sales as much as possible. The million-dollar question is, how do you do it? There are many ways to increase your online sales. Here are ten changes that you can make right away to your online website to drive more sales.

1. Deploy a personalized Call-to-Action

Measuring conversion rates is vital to increasing sales. It’s also important to optimize the cornerstone stone of the conversion process: Calls-to-action (CTA). When creating an online shop app, the call-to-action (CTA) is a crucial page element that informs the reader to take a specific step. Examples of this would be "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart’ and can also include a link to subscribe to a mailing or to follow a social media page.

Business owners should personalize their call-to-action by making it more specific. This helps to convert visitors into leads. The basic idea is to keep the client journey in mind when crafting your CTAs.

2. Write Clearer Headlines

Headline text is a vital factor in enhancing our sales. The headline is generally the first thing, your website visitors will read. The headline has to captivate the customer’s attention long enough to keep them reading or continue browsing your website.

Make a clear offer in the headline, taking into account that the target customers of your business are. Clarity resonates with prospective clients and the more explicit a headline is about what the content offers, the more the customers preferred it. The headlines should convey a clear offer to the target audience and this result in getting more leads.

3. Simplify your website Navigation

Since business owners want their CTAs to be the main focus on their website pages, it’s essential to de-clutter the navigation menus. By minimizing the navigation components of your websites, the customer’s eyes will be focused on the CTA and this will increase the probability of successful follow through on your CTAs.

When creating your own online store in India, make sure that the navigational elements don’t distract the customers from the main purpose of the website- to complete the sale.

4. Optimize the Text around Your Call to Action

The text located in the proximity of your call-to-action can immensely impact your conversions. By the right optimization of text near your CTA, you can positively influence the conversions. Be deliberate in writing about the goals, concerns, and needs of your target audience.

5. Use Pop-up Offers

Pop-ups, when employed in a judicious and strategic way, can help decrease shopping cart abandonment rates and enhance your conversion. Ensure that your pop-ups are well executed by offering something which is useful to the customer.

6. Add sufficient Whitespace to your Site

To avoid crowding, Whitespace between various elements must be introduced on the website. When creating an app for your online shop, you can double the conversions from a product page by eliminating superfluous elements by increasing the amount of Whitespace.


Business owners can maximize their sales by cultivating customer trust by designing visually pleasing website elements such as calls-to-action, navigation and images.

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