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Features to look for in an ideal loft bed

Author: Abdul Rauf Khal'id
by Abdul Rauf Khal'id
Posted: Nov 01, 2020
loft bed

Loft beds are a trendy way to style up your kid's bedroom. Apart from being stylish, they maximize space, which makes them ideal for smaller spaces. This has made them quite popular today in modern homes, and you can choose to customize depending on your preferences. Tailored options include a study table, play area, or additional storage spaces.

When buying loft beds, always go for value for your money. What features should you look for when buying one? They include the following:

1. Ladder

Most loft beds come with the bed as an upper-division option. Therefore, you need to ensure you pick one with a ladder that is perfect for your kids. Check on the size of the ladder and pick one that suits your kids' age and height. The last thing you need is to strain your kids as they go to bed because the ladder is either too long or steep to climb. Some loft beds come with adjustable ladders suitable for all ages and can be a perfect pick for you. Also, pick a ladder made of wood to minimize the chances of slips. Materials such as metal or plastic can be trouble for your kids, especially if they have wet feet as they get to bed.

2. Storage spaces

As you choose a loft bed with storage spaces, go for one that fits your needs. Check on the quantity of items you need to store and buy a loft bed with enough room for them. The drawers need to be well spaced and are easy to open for your kids. Another consideration you need to make is to ensure that the extra storage spaces don't reduce the bed space. The loft bed needs to have sufficient room to store items and a sizable mattress area for your kids to have a good rest.

3. Tent

Loft beds can also be customized to have a play area underneath. This is a perfect way to ensure your kids have fun and socialize with their friends as they come over to your place. Consider your kids' preferences and taste in a tent color to ensure that they are comfortable playing with their kids. You can also choose to buy a customized tent based on their likes to make the room more lively for them.

4. Twin option

Loft beds can be made to have a twin option. A twin option is perfect for you if you are raising twins or have no extra bedroom for your other kid. It maximizes the space you have, and you will also ensure that they grow up with a tight bond since they get to share the bedroom. While you pick a twin loft bed, ensure your kids will have no trouble climbing up the ladder to go to sleep. The beds can have an extra sidebar to keep your kids safe from falling off as they toss and turn while asleep.

5. Color pattern

Your kid's room is a haven for them to sleep and play in. While you weigh your options on an ideal loft bed for your kids, pick a color that matches their sex, personality, and preferences. You need to ensure they have the best in life, and one way to do it is by giving them what they like. As you pick a color for the bed, you can also consider the room interior design and fittings to have one that matches each feature. It will be a perfect blend, and the kids will undoubtedly love the effort you make to make them happy.

6. Costs

Finally, while weighing various vendors who sell loft beds, always go for value for your money. Pick a durable bed, a perfect fit for your kids, and suit the room's needs. Buying a bed that is a cheap option doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go for an inexpensive option. Instead, you should buy one worth spending on, and you are sure it is of quality standards.

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