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Lucrative Courses for lab technicians are far better than you think

Author: Mohit Verma
by Mohit Verma
Posted: Nov 06, 2020

Passing high school and intermediate is a milestone in life. At this stage, you are supposed to take the charge and choose a career that is fulfilling and relevant. If you are the one interested in the science field but do not want to become a doctor, then the next few minutes can get you a worthy option.

After passing 12th, parents and teachers sit with the students to explain the opportunities they can grab, but some courses like the courses for lab technician are often underrated and ignored. But at this prime time, when India is talking of self-reliance, these courses involving skills are worth doing.

Who are lab technicians?

Going by the name, lab technicians are the skilled personnel who deal with complex laboratories in the field of education, medical, and research. They are technical people well versed with the machines in the laboratory and contribute to the diagnosis, results, and discoveries.

Work of lab technicians

Though the primary task of a lab technician is to perform the tests and analyze the result, it slightly differs according to the industry. For example, if you go through the job description of a medical lab technician, it is to perform tests on the body fluids and tissues and provide assistance to the physicians for the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases.

While the other lab technicians perform physical, chemical, or biological tests on the products to support the studies and conclude some relevant information. Overall, a lab technician has a special contribution to scientific studies.

How do you become a lab technician?

A lab technician gets numerous opportunities in hospitals as well as private laboratories. The only requirement is a certificate or associate’s degree program. A certificate is a short course while an associate degree course is an elaborate one.

Along with the technical skills, for which the duration and eligibility vary depending on the institution, you also need some qualities like compassion and patience, especially for the medical laboratory.

How to choose the best institute for a lab technician course?

For the professions like that of a lab technician, you have to have a decent command of the required skills. To gain a strong hand on the skills, you must enroll in an institution that provides you a high quality of education at an affordable rate.

Here are a few factors, you can consider while selecting the best institution:

Accreditation- Do check if the college/university is accredited or not. Getting the degree from an accredited university gives you an edge over others and assists in easy placement at a reputed laboratory.

Accreditation is especially necessary when you plan to study further for the course because every university accepts a degree from the accredited one.

Course duration and flexibility- It is duly important to consider the course duration and your time. Check if you want to invest a particular period for the course and only then enroll in a particular institution.

Together with the duration, also check the flexibility in it. This factor is especially significant if you also plan to work with the studies to meet your financial constraints.

Cost- The cost of the course always varies from one institution to another. As a lab technician course demands skill, the fee also varies according to the exposure a particular institution provides you. But, you need to have a count of your budget and then proceed with the enrollment.

Some other aspects of the variation in the cost of course are:

  • Location of institution

  • Accommodation facility, if required

  • Infrastructure

  • Technology exposure

  • Duration of the course

Location- From the previous factor, you can pick the location thing. As the course demands a good time of yours, you will certainly be affected by the environment and the living conditions of the place you stay in. So, location can be one major thing to make a difference in your choice of institution.

You can also look for institutes with multiple locations so that you get the leverage of choosing the preferred location without compromising with the quality,

Admission criteria- Lab technician course demands are not fixed. They may vary slightly according to the branch and also as per the institution rules. So, you need to first ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and then enroll for the course.

To ease the task of getting the right institution, you can filter the choices beforehand while searching for the available institutions. For example, starting with the search according to the locations required and then with the placement record and fee structure.

If you have also just achieved the milestone of intermediate with science and wish to proceed as a skilled lab technician, visit for the details and enroll for the next batch.

They provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and expert faculty for the lab technician course in different locations across the country.

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