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What is the use of Purple Pet Carrier and Dog Carrier?

Author: Purple Pet Iprimio
by Purple Pet Iprimio
Posted: Nov 08, 2020
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We all know that leashes are the first thing you need for a pet when you’re out for a walk with them but what about the stage when your pup is too small or have a different pet who is comparatively smaller than an average dog? After a lot of thought, someone came up with the idea to roam around with your small pets around in a sling. Maybe this idea was brainstormed the way we carry our babies but we’re quite thankful to whoever came up with this. It is obvious that pets who are small in size will get tired also tired fast when they play out, so having a dog/ a cat sling bag comes in very handy when you’re out for a hike or just out for a walk.

Small dogs and cats are more appealing than larger dogs because they can accompany you to places that larger pups cannot. Think about it; you cannot take a Great Dane into the local supermarkets or flea markets but smaller dogs and cats are often welcomed into these and other places. But, your little pooch’s legs will get tired if you force him to walk for very long, and he may even get stepped on or kicked while trying to walk in crowded areas. And while you could carry him, that will get old really fast. The solution, dog/ cat sling bags are something of a cross between a baby Bjorn and a purse, and they have a strap and a pocket. The strap goes over your shoulder and your four-footer rides in the pocket.

Being out of the house can also be a bit stressful for the little ones. They enjoy the outside for sure, but it becomes a new world for them to explore. They even interact with other animals and they realize that it is not their territory. As pet parents even we should proceed with caution and look into our pets’ needs. They cannot talk but they sure do behave a certain way. We should know the cues and make them feel safe at all times. Keeping them in a dog/ cat sling bag is the most comfortable way to relax them and make them feel confident again.

There are a few features that you should be looking into when buying a dog/ cat sling bag:

  1. The material of the dog/ cat sling bag should be breathable and comfortable.
  2. Collar clips are small metal or plastic clips that are designed to keep your dog securely attached to the sling. This way, your dog won’t be free to run off if he jumps out of the bag. This feature is just for emergencies. Trust your pet.
  3. Slings with closing tops provide an additional way to keep your pet contained. Usually, zippers are used to keep the bag closed, but some slings incorporate Velcro, buttons, or snaps instead. With these types of slings, you can let your dog/ cat stick his/ her head out of the bag, before zipping or cinching it closed behind him/ her. This way, he/ she will be able to see what’s going on, without being able to jump out easily.
  4. A few high-quality slings lack adjustable straps, but most of the best models include them so that you can achieve the best fit possible. Some adjustable straps feature buckles to help collect or release excess length, but others use metal rings to accomplish the same thing. If you aren’t of average height and weight, you’ll need to consider adjustable straps mandatory.
  5. You can even look into removable pads for more comfort for your pet.

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