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Why is Growth Strategy Significant for Small Business?

Author: Mark Griffith
by Mark Griffith
Posted: Nov 09, 2020

In the business world, it could be onerous for small companies to acquire space. It takes time to develop appropriate business strategies for new business leaders and marketers to get a hold of the market. This could be why 20% of the small businesses fail just a period of 1 year. A business model should need the potential to thrive the business goals. The competition is heightening up each day; thus, developing a growth strategy model will check out your patients and consume a lot of time. Before that, let us understand what are a growth strategy and the significance of it?

Growth strategy is nothing but the technique that would help you to expand the business. In specific, it would direct you to gain more revenue. The growth strategy would give an insight to the leaders. Let's make it clearer to explain various ways:

Market Penetration

This strategy involves a company selling its goods or services in a market where there are already similar companies. In this technique, a corporation aims to achieve full market share. This can be accomplished by gaining the rivals' clients by displaying distinction or providing more competitive prices.


This strategy has been used by many big corporations to buy up the competition or to obtain businesses that have the technology they need for their company. A small business may shy away from this, but you can do it if you have the money and buy a company that can add benefits to your business. For this, you need to keep a database to connect with the right prospects; a business email list would enable you to connect with the industry's decision-makers and professionals.

Market Development

You may discover that there are other opportunities you can reach by looking at the numerous uses for your product or service. You may also look to break into the beauty market if you sell health soap and concentrate solely on the healthy lifestyle industry. You can think about selling your product out of your country as well.

Segmenting the Market

You may be part of a market and trying to find a position for yourself. This is when you have to break the market into smaller parts and concentrate on a particular market. You have to cater to the particular market and invest your thought in that portion of the market. Red Bull did so as it focused on extreme sports and individuals at risk of selling the name to outstanding athletes.

You need a contact list for this; you need to contact the professionals, CEO, and managing director to tie up with new business. This is the major challenge most small business entrepreneurs are facing. Leveraging the Business Email Lists would enable you to get in touch with the professional in the industry. The challenges are still waiting for you; getting a segmented business email list will be a hurdle.


Small businesses make use of diversification to enter a new market with a new product. This approach is seen as a strategy for high-risk, high returns. The explanation for this is that you will need to develop the product and marketing strategy for the new product from scratch. In two ways, you can do diversification.

A few strategies have been given here to practice to take your business to a great accomplishment. It is important to build new networks; expanding the business always relies on the networks you build. Finding the right platforms and potential prospects will act as a catalyst for your business to grow. Make sure you are keeping a Business Email List to connect with the right potential prospects.
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Author: Mark Griffith

Mark Griffith

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