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WPC Certificate to sell telecom equipment

Author: Vicky Kumar
by Vicky Kumar
Posted: Nov 15, 2020
eta approval

If you’re to manufacture or import any wireless equipment, you need to get the approval from the Department of Telecommunication first. The department bestows that approval using it’s WPC or Wireless planning and coordination wing. That wing provides ETA approval or in the form of a certificate that in turns makes you capable of importing or manufacturing wireless equipment.

In this article, we will discuss with you the process and the documents that you require to get this approval from the Wireless and Planning Coordination.

What is ETA Certificate?

is the certificate of equipment type approval. It’s given to telecom equipments that are working in either de-licensed or licensed frequency bands. What are de-licensed and licensed frequency bands.

  1. De licensed is the set of spectrum for which the government of India has decided to not require license to access.
  2. Licensed bands is the set of spectrum in which one can only implement their equipment after getting prior approval from the government.

ETA approval by self-declaration is the most common form of WPC ETA Certificate that covers the wireless equipment working in the de-licensed bands. That’s why, this is the license that we are going to talk about.

Process of acquiring the ETA approval

WPC gives ETA Approval only after you have completed the process required. Following are the steps of that process:

  1. Consult with the authorized lab: First, you need to reach out to a lab that can provide you accurate RF Testing.
  2. Get the RF Testing Report: Once you have consulted with, and selected a lab that provide you the RF Testing report. Submit your details and let the testing begin. In a few days or that very day, you’ll require the RF Testing report.
  3. Submit the online application: File the application for ETA certificate and submit it online. As for the payment, you either can choose Bharatkosh to pay online or pay offline by a Demand Draft.
  4. Submit the hard copy of the application: Along with the documents, you have to separately submit the hard copy of the application to the WPC wing.

Once the Department acquires your application request, they will initiate it’s processing. If they are any discrepancies, you’ll receive the notification of the same. Once you clear those issues, you’ll get ETA certificate for your company.

Documents required to get the ETA approval

Following are the documents that you need to acquire for getting the ETA certificate:

  1. Radio Frequency Test Report in a well documented format with no ambiguity.
  2. Description of the product that you want the approval for.
  3. Receipt of the offline or online fee.
  4. A document through which you’ve authorized the representatives to file the application on your behalf.
  5. An undertaking
  6. Company Incorporation Certificate
  7. PAN card of your company.

Remember, these documents need to be provided only after you’ve checked, rechecked and certified them. When we talk about issues with the application, it’s because of the documents that the process fails.

Other facts about ETA certificate

Here are some interesting things to note down about ETA Certificate :

  1. If you’re manufacturing a product that has already got the approval for its RF, you don’t need to get the ETA certificate.
  2. Only foreign manufacturers are require to get the license.
  3. ETA approval is mostly given for products working with the de-licensed frequency bands.
Conclusion ETA approval process is one of those which are easier to understand, but harder to implement processes. Just finding a reliable lab can be difficult for you if you don’t know how to proceed. That being said, if you have the right consultation with you, you can start the right way and get the certificate in no time.
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Author: Vicky Kumar

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