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A Guide to Common Wi-Fi Problems and How to Resolve Them! Part 1

Author: Gryphon Online Safety
by Gryphon Online Safety
Posted: Nov 14, 2020

Imagine living a day without Internet. A day is a lot because most of us won’t be able to live a couple of hours with it. Wi-Fi is a part of our lives, especially when most of us are homebound during the pandemic. Everything from listening to music to watching our favourite series to taking recipes of cake, we use the Internet to get most of the knowledge.

That’s why Wi-Fi is present in almost every house. If the wi-fi goes down or works at snail speed, it interferes with our productivity. We have listed the common wi-fi issues that we come across regularly and how to fix them up quickly.

Slow Internet in house

If the Wi-Fi signals are weak in every part of the house, plug your laptop into the model and test the speed. If the speed is down, there’s likely a problem at the Internet Service Provider’s end. In case that option is ruled out, there’s a possibility that too many devices are connected to the single network. Change the channel of your router by going to the settings.

If this also fails, you might need to factory reset the router and set it up again. At last, if none of these works, the router might be crying out for replacement. Time to search for advanced routers out there in the market.

Slow or no Internet in some areas

Your router emits radio waves in all the directions and that’s how the devices stay connected to the Internet. It is, therefore, important to keep the router at a centralised location in the house so that waves are transmitted everywhere. If the router has external antennas, you can adjust them as well in fully vertical or horizontal positions. Those living in apartments might face the router interference problem.

The other routers might be interfering with yours. There are software available to show the wireless networks nearby and the channels that they are using. If your router is overlapping with the other networks, switch to a less congested channel. In case this doesn’t help, you might need to get an extender or wi-fi mesh system to lessen the burden on the router.

Connection drop

Connection drop is annoying, especially when you are working. See if there’s a pattern in connection drop. For instance, the connection could be lost whenever you use the microwave. The reason being that your wi-fi and microwave both could be on a frequency of 2.5GHz.

Similarly, there could be interference from other devices or networks also. Changing the channel of the router can help in reducing the congestion and limiting connection drop incidents.

Wrap Up

Some of the wi-fi issues can be resolved without the need to call an expert. However, you need to understand the reason behind the problem. If buying a new router is the only solution, look out for parental control modem router because they come with enhanced security settings to ensure you get an efficient wi-fi connectivity.

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Jane works as a network engineer in an IT Firm. He loves to write about technology, especially wi-fi and IoT. For choosing best router for parents to talking about wi-fi 6, he has written explicitly on different topics.

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Mark Jepson is an IT Engineer and his recent presentation about having parental control on computer has made many parents think about having parental control router settings enabled on their computing devices.

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