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Here’s how massage can boost your Mental Health

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Nov 13, 2020
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Nowadays, people are suffering from mental illness and disorders. All this is due to stress and anxiety. We all have busy routines and schedules to follow and can not spare a few moments for ourselves.

In the past, people used natural ingredients and home remedies to cure diseases. Now we are addicted to the heavy medication of physicians. Whether there is a headache or joint pain, people prefer to go to a hospital, not a massage center. The reason behind this is the domination of technology.

Have you ever thought that in this digital world, massage therapy is possible? It's possible as many massage centers are functional and providing quality services.

Tantric massage in Kensington is popular as it can increase sexual desire and sexuality. Beautiful ladies are massage therapists here and offer a more amazing sensual experience. Gaze upon the center and choose the lady you like the most to start to titillate the therapist. The therapist uses their hands, feet, fingers, and forearms to manipulate body tissues.

Popular Massage Therapies

The total mind and body approach is attained by massage therapy. People are now turning towards anxiety and depression that cause mental disorders. The only solution to these problems is massage therapy.

When the therapist rubs the body the sensation goes from upper layer to bottom. Manipulation of soft body tissues increases blood circulation. For inner deep pain and relaxation massage is essential.

The following are some common and popular massage techniques used by therapists:

Swedish Massage Therapy:

One of the most popular massage therapies. The therapist uses their hands, fingers, and forearms for kneading and smooth long strokes. The therapist continues to massage until the oil penetrates deeper body tissues. Swedish massage therapy is gentle and smooth.

Aromatherapy Massage:

As the name shows that it involves the fragrance of essential oils. The scent of these natural oils are beneficial for health and relax the body. The most commonly used oil is lavender that reduces stress and decreases the level of cortisol.

Hot Stone Massage:

In this massage hot stones are placed on the body. It helps to loosen the tight muscle and joint soreness. The therapist applies gentle pressure on the stone to provide calm. It is the best massage for people suffering from joint tension.


During this Japanese massage therapy, certain points of the body pressed for a few seconds. It helps to regain body energy and increase blood circulation. It reduces the soreness of the joints.

Thai Massage:

Gentle pressure is applied to the Thai muscles and joints that pain when moved. A massage therapist will move and stretch the body into a different posture. It is a more energizing massage just like yoga.

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Read the following main advantages of massage therapy:

Reduce Muscle Pain:

Massage therapy is a powerful tool that reduces muscle pain. Body muscle becomes stiff and painful during movement. Nowadays people work by sitting in front of the computer table due to these routine muscles becoming stiff.

Reduce Depression & Anxiety:

Human hands have healing power. It helps to reduce stress and depression. Depression is the root cause of all diseases. When people are stressed they can not work properly. Massage therapy will help to get rid of all stress and anxiety.

According to the health services department, women suffering from breast cancer are less stressed due to massage therapies.

Improve Sleep:

A sound sleep guarantees a healthy mind. Due to overloaded work and stress, people are unable to get healthy sleep. Massage therapy increases the concentration of melatonin and balances the blood level.

Massage therapist circularly rubs the skin to stimulate the central nervous system. The level of neurohormones increases and it helps in the functioning and regulation of the body.

Immunity Booster:

Due to less use of natural ingredients and oils people suffer from immunity disorder. Massage therapy increases the concentration of white blood cells. Lymphocytes and white blood cells help kill the antigens. White blood cells defend the body against diseases.

Headache Reliever:

Headache and migraine have become chronic pains. To get relief from headaches people go to a massage center as the medication is not effective. The therapist rubs the head smoothly and increases the blood flow towards this area.

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