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Craft Gin, Non Alco Spirits and Botanicals

Author: Uday Patel
by Uday Patel
Posted: Nov 14, 2020
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Handcrafted gin is a clear, crisp consumable spirit with a recent history behind it. It is unique in that the Juniper berry flavoring is central to all gins the world over. But the buck does not stop here the present produce is made by fermenting grains like rye and then distilling it along with a number of botanicals.

This is the same drink that goes well with lime or cardamom flavored tonic which too is part of recent history. G&T a universal combination originated in India. Tonic was invented in order to make palatable bitter quinine using sugar and lemon flavors. The quinine was ingested by British soldiers in India to ward off malaria the deadly parasitic disease prevalent in Asia at that time.

This unique combination created a large base of followers and is now universally popular. The art of modern distillation and flavoring has given rise to craft gin which is a product of boutique distilleries run by master blenders. The spirit in discussion is subject to amazing variations in flavor and whence produced by master blenders gives rise to handcrafted gin which is not only locally popular but reaching a global span thanks to its aromatic content and taste.

The flavoring agents in the spirit are numerous some of which are local, fresh while many are imported from different parts of the World. They are extracts from roots, distillates from flowers, essential oils, herbs and even juices. These are known as botanical and are natural in origin the distillation process is such that the produce is always clear like vodka. In order to obtain the best flavors the produce is often subjected to re-distillation in the company of botanical. Unlike whiskey and rum the liquor is not subject to ageing and is usually consumed after short storage period.

This handcrafted spirits can be subject to a wide range of flavoring. This depends upon the blenders choice recipe and the ingredients used. The botanicals add tremendous flexibility to flavoring and the ingredients may contain few herbs and extracts to a mind boggling range some with foreign origins. Major brands often boast of a greater number of botanicals in their produce not only to signify enhanced and unique taste but also health wise since the natural ingredients act as oxidants full of vitamins and minerals. In fact this is the only spirit which can boast of delivering health benefits because of its contents.

Due to differences in fermentation process using various types of grains, distillation and addition of flavoring agents the produce conforms to various styles. Dry gin is most popular while the regular stuff could be sweeter. This amazing liquor goes well with tonic but is at home in cocktails as well and hence the popularity is enhanced with each recipe that includes it.

It is not only handcrafted gin that is popular more alternative are entering the market. The non alcoholic spirits achieve impressive sales as well. They do not contain alcohol but replicate the taste and flavor. They are popular among people who do not drink and in countries where prohibition is in play.

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