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Everything You Need To Know About Sport Nutrition

Author: Shirley Balerio
by Shirley Balerio
Posted: Nov 15, 2020
sports nutrition

By sports nutrition is meant the specific diet of an athlete. On a daily basis, an athlete, like everyone else, has nutritional needs. However, these nutritional needs can sometimes be increased by the intensive practice of a sport. The need for an adapted diet can be felt by high level athletes, as by amateur athletes with regular practice.

It is generally estimated that the nutritional need is increased after three intensive workouts per week. We then differentiate between several types of needs: before the effort, during the effort, after the effort. Among the Level 5 Award in Nutrition for sports nutrition course in online, you can indeed find Advanced Sports Nutrition Course to prepare you for training, to support you during exercise, and others that will allow you a good recovery.

Sports competitions, for their part, also generate specific needs, depending on whether you are in the preparation phase, in the performance phase, or in recovery.

Of course, sports nutrition is above all about adopting a balanced diet, in order to be in shape and not to develop deficiencies. Sports nutrition in online we provides different types of course, whether it's sports drinks, energy gels or protein bars are there to supplement this diet.

Sports nutrition and diet

To be healthy and improve your performance, you have to work on the close link between sports nutrition and diet. The goal, Find the right balance to prevent deficiencies, avoid fatigue during training, without going overboard.

As a reminder, a healthy diet should consist of:

Proteins: they provide energy during training, and they participate in cell renewal, as well as muscle development. We talk about it a lot among athletes, because it is the proteins that will help you develop a beautiful bodybuilding, well designed.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide energy to the muscles so that they can perform the efforts required of them. They also provide energy to the whole body. Carbohydrates also have a crucial role in the practice of sport, because they make it possible to build up muscle and hepatic reserves, this is called glycogen.

Lipids: lipids constitute an energy reserve for low intensity efforts. They contain essential fatty acids essential for the proper functioning of your body. They make it possible in particular to repair micro traumas sometimes caused by intense effort.

Fiber: fibers ensure good digestion, but they also act on the speed of absorption of sugars, hence their importance in regulating energy intake during training.

All of these are essential for a balanced diet. Of course, we must not forget the water: good hydration is essential to be in good health, and to be in shape during training. Dehydration can have serious consequences on the body, so do not neglect the choice of your drink for your workouts!

Sports nutrition and performance

Sports nutrition courses will not give you superpowers, but they can go a long way in improving your performance. The course known as "before the effort", will allow preparing the body for the effort: it is a question of hydrating well to avoid the fatigue and the dizziness which can cause dehydration, but also to fill up. Carbohydrates, Carbohydrates will prevent hypoglycemia crisis and give you a boost to be the best you can be.

The so-called "during exercise" The course will help you push your limits, by avoiding the sudden fatigue that usually occurs after an hour of training. To do this, you must learn to manage your energy, control your timing on the consumption of sports nutrition course, and find the courses that are right for you.

Finally, Courses "after the effort" are essential for a good recovery: it is necessary to restore energy to the muscles by reconstituting the reserves of glycogen, and it is also necessary to hydrate yourself well.

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