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Choose the Best 4pl Logistics Canada to Partner With

Author: Cedric Millar
by Cedric Millar
Posted: Nov 22, 2020
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Once you have chosen to outsource your logistics functions, finding and selecting a 4PL logistics Canada company or provider is your next step. First and foremost, what is fourth party logistics? 4PL refers to a company that gives logistics or fulfillment services to other businesses and companies. A 4PL provider is accountable for looking after a portion of, if not all, of your supply chain, making sure your products complete their transfer or journey.

Choosing a reliable fourth-party logistics companies in Canada can be tricky, specifically in today’s very competitive economy. While cost is a vital part of the selection process, other essential considerations must be remembered and taken into account.

Like-Minded Business

It is essential to look for the same business morals and values. Your chosen fourth-party logistics provider will become an extension of your business and can often be customer-facing as a representation of your company.


Giving all of the details to your fourth-party logistics provider is vital. Documentation of your precise needs through an RFI or Request for Information will enable the fourth party logistic provider to precisely determine whether or not they can handle your products or goods and that they can accurately quote the costs and time needed to ensure quality service.


It is vital to create a transparent process from the onset. Defining expectations and working together on a transparent process will lessen any possible strain on the relationship. Both your company and your fourth-party logistics provider have to be working towards one objective or goals.


Imagine six months down the road, the whole thing is going well, and the business is growing, partially an outcome of your relationship with the service provider. What happens if overnight your 4pl provider goes out of business? It is vital to do your due diligence and take time to know more about your fourth party logistics, background or history, and future objectives.


Can your fourth party logistics cope with the daily modifications, which might affect your company? Can they handle it once your company doubles or triples in size quickly? Equally, will they stick around once growth isn’t as attractive as what was forecast? It is vital to look ahead as well as cover your bases.

One Stop Shop Company

Does your 4PL provide freight forwarding, customs clearance, or other value added services which will gain your business? Using one 4PL provider for each of the services mentioned can be advantageous as they will oversee the whole supply chain which can result in an efficient as well as cost-effective service.

Always be ready to ask the right questions and make sure that a 4PL logistics Canada provider is the best fit for your business. This can be an invaluable step for business growth and is one worthy of consideration.

About The Author

Cedric Millar is a leading Canadian 4PL Logistics Canada provider, offering innovative Supply Chain Management Canada services across the USA. Optimizing your supply chain with people, process, and technology enabled solutions that create value. For more detail, visit our website

About the Author

Cedric Millar is a leading Canadian 4th-party logistics provider, offering innovative supply chain management services across Canada and the Usa.

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Author: Cedric Millar

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