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Security Tips for Apartment Renters

Author: Hania Amir
by Hania Amir
Posted: Nov 22, 2020
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Security Tips for Apartment Renters

Apartment renters have distinctive security concerns like:

  1. Lack of privacy because of living nearer to the other tenants

    b. The high traffic in your apartment building

    c. numerous entries and exit focuses on the building

    d. An excessive number of entries and exit focuses

Obviously, this doesn't mean that apartment security is any less important than home security. Regardless of where you live, the home ought to be the safest place you know. Nonetheless, living in an apartment building may put your particular unit at an increased danger of interruption, burglary, and theft. On other occasions, extra keys from the past tenant get lost or aren't gotten back to the building manager. So in case, you're moving into an apartment for the first run-through or in case you're hoping to improve the overall safety of your apartment here are some easy-to-follow tips you should utilize.

  1. 1. Entries and Exit Ways of the Building

With the end goal for individuals to get into the building, please check that:

Does the lock on the outside entry door appear broken, or is it secure? Can you access the security camera from your apartment? Or on the other hand, is it a dead signal or black screen that doesn't show you who's there? When living in an apartment, it's important for occupants to have the option to control who gets in hence forestalling access to such undesirables as loiterers, salespeople, or unsavoury characters. We also suggest utilizing the advanced and current level security, for example, you may utilize the garage remotes for the safety of your garage. These locks are difficult to break or hack.

  1. 2. Check the Lighting of your Apartment Building

Bad folks usually want to work in the dark or dreary areas. So before you select an apartment, find which areas you'll be accessing like parking parts, stairways, or hallways on a regular basis and decide for yourself in the event that you think they have adequate light to make you have a sense of security.

  1. 3. Review the Maintained Security of the Building

Is the building in immaculate condition? Are the walls pleasantly painted, or are they stripping and cracked? Is the lawn all around manicured, or is it congested and loaded with weeds? What does decent grass have to do with safety?

Very little. Then again, actually, if the landlord can't be bothered to keep the building putting its best self forward, then the individual may not be excessively concerned or intrigued to keep it safe and secure, either.

After Shifting into your Condo

These are some proposed key focuses that you ought to trail taking the condo or apartment on the lease.

  1. 4. Change the Locks

This is self-evident, yet some new apartment tenants neglect this basic however important advance. A few landlords say they've replaced the locks, yet some of the time what happens is that locks simply get rotated between apartments in the building.

It's also important to take note that in most apartment edifices, tenants aren't generally allowed to change locks themselves. That's because apartment locks should be master keyed so the landlord or administrator has access to the unit in case of a crisis. On the off chance that you haven't already, ask your landlord about having old locks replaced with brand new locks and not reallocated old ones.

  1. 5. Secure the Doors

So as to make certain your balcony doors are safe, you ought to do the accompanying:

Install a secondary locking mechanism in addition to the one already remembered for the door that forestalls unwanted openings

Test to perceive how easily they fall off their tracks

Install an inside bar or post for extra security

Take a Plan of Renters Insurance

Renters insurance will ensure the value of your assets should they be taken or annihilated in a disaster like a fire or a flood. Your landlord may have an insurance strategy already, yet it may just cover the building itself and not your personal assets.


It is hard to handle all the security measures for a tenant, yet after applying our recommended tips we trust you can improve the security of your apartment or condo. We also prescribe you to utilize the key duplication services of a local locksmith. Please don't depend on the new locksmith who is offering the services in less and they have not a physical store.

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