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Top Benefits Of A Mobile Veterinarian

Author: Vets on Call
by Vets on Call
Posted: Nov 23, 2020
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Mobile vet clinics provide the opportunity for observing and treating a pet at home that can result in more comprehensive care. Mobile vets are a new concept for many pet-owners. They are veterinary professionals who do house calls.

Many mobile clinics are equipped with cutting-edge technology and can conduct procedures ranging from vaccinations and blood tests, to neutering and home euthanasia.

There are many benefits of using the service of a mobile veterinarian instead of getting your pet treated at a vet clinic. Some of them include:

Avoid waiting times

Folks that have busy schedules will appreciate the fact that a home visit vet helps avoid the commute and waiting times at the clinic, as the consultation will be at home at a mutually agreed time. So, one can indulge in any routine activity before the vet arrives.

Reduced anxiety and calmer pets

A mobile vet is a great solution for a pet who freezes or acts crazy when it senses a forthcoming visit to the vet clinic. They may also misbehave once arriving at the clinic. The reason behind such behaviour is the fear experienced by the pet in the face of a strange place, people and animals.

Most pets get anxious in a clinic environment. They can sense the difference between a regular doggy care centre and a vet clinic. Fearful cats have been observed to freeze up when carried to a clinic and are subject to illnesses caused by stress. When pets are anxious, their immunity will dip. Hence there is a risk of picking up communicable diseases at the clinic. Also, many pets dread the ride in the car to the clinic.

When the services of a mobile vet are used, the treatment will be delivered at home. Because of the comfort of familiar territory, pets will be calmer and gain proper treatment. There is no chance for interacting with other strange animals.

The natural scenario for treatment

When treatment is carried out at home, the vet can offer better treatment because they are able to observe the pet in their natural environment. They can check whether owners have puppy-proofed their home, if there are toxic plants around, etc. The trained eyes of the vet can notice details which the pet owner may have missed.

Ultimate convenience

The best part of a mobile vet service is that one doesn’t have to leave home for the consultation. One might not feel like driving or be incapable due to various reasons. It may be that you don’t own a car or have small children whom you cannot leave alone at home. Another reason may be a hectic schedule of the pet-owner who cannot afford time for vet consultation.

Thus, having the vet to come to their home solves a lot of logistics problems. You can set up an appointment at a mutually convenient time. You can also save money on petrol and waiting times for travelling to the vet clinic.

A mobile vet provides a stress-free, seamless treatment for pets and makes it easy on both the pet owner and their pets.

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