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Unblocking blocked websites! don't give up until you have tried these tricks

Author: Unblocked Proxy
by Unblocked Proxy
Posted: Sep 11, 2014

Organizations have turned to various methods of content filtering to keep their network users away from certain websites both for protection and to ensure productivity. Sometimes, these blocks can be over entire countries that want to restrict the exposure that their citizens have to certain content like pop culture, global politics or such like issues.

Some of these blocks are necessary but sometimes they are unfair. Whatever your situation, you can always find a way to go around these content filters. There are a lot of ways to do this but these are some of the least trodden paths and they are very reliable and quite safe for you to use.

Okay, let’s get to it then! Here are some of the options you can explore in going around your network’s content filter:

1.Get on the mobile version

Interestingly, the mobile version of the blocked site could be accessible in some cases so you should explore that option. The sites will look very different on your phone than they would on the computer, but, hey, at least you can access them.

2.Find an older version of the site

You can use Google’s cache to find the way to the older version of the web page. This will show you the last version of the web page that Google accessed/indexed.

3.Lost in translation

If the site you want is available in multiple languages, then you can go search for it using random search strings containing the names of different countries. Once you navigate through and find the site you are looking for, you can translate the content using the various and readily available translation tools.

4.Use an RSS Reader

Subscribe to the blocked sites using an RSS reader if they have an RSS feed. Most feed readers will have a list of popular feeds that you can look through to see if your site is already there.

5.Anonymous proxy

You can use an anonymous web proxy or an anonymous HTTP proxy, which is similar to function as an anonymous Web proxy. Both act as an intermediary between you and the site you are trying to access. They provide you anonymity when interacting with these websites by providing their IP address in the place of your address. This assures you of security as you roam about the Web.

There are several unblocked proxy US servers that offer proxies like unblocked Facebook proxy and unblock Twitter proxy. These are the most common options that most people use simply because they are the best.

There are free unblocked Facebook proxy and unblock Twitter proxy servers and websites. There are also some proxy servers that require some form of payment.

There may be many ways of navigating around these blocks but using proxies is one of the best. Whether you decide to employ the more popular unblocked Facebook proxy or the unblock Twitter proxy method you can be assured of finding numerous unblock proxy US servers that can provide great service at no cost at all.

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