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Caravans for sale - History of Caravans

Author: Alex Mayers
by Alex Mayers
Posted: Sep 11, 2014

Caravanning for sale have a very long history as a towing car; hauled by bullocks and horses. People begun to practice caravanning as early as the 15th Century; caravans could be seen on the fields, mountains and nowadays they are becoming very popular and even more comfortable. The same word caravan is from the French expression caravan and the Persian word karwan, a phrase used to describe a group of nomads travelling across the desert. Later in the 19th Century caravans are widely used as movable houses for travelling all around the world, primarily towed by horses.

Long time ago, caravans connected East Asia and Europe in the processes of transporting luxurious goods, like silk or expensive jewellery, therefore were a main target for thieves and burgles. The benefit from an effectively undertaken trip could be huge, compared to the later spice trade. The expensive products carried by caravans attracted people to transport many items like animals and variety of expensive items.

Leather as commercial production increase, someone gets the idea to design quite large modern caravan and after this caravans started to become seen as a luxury property among some parts from the high society. They become very famous especially in the UK, later on in other countries such as America in the 1920s; caravans were mainly used by the rich families. As they became cheaper their popularity drastically increased. Meantime, concrete roads and bitumen had been laid down and the demand for caravans was growing so manufacturers barely succeed to obtain huge requests.

After World War 2, compact caravans have continued to gain their popularity, so nowadays we can see different models of vehicles, from the primitive wooden box-like to the luxury and durable caravans equipped with kitchen supplies, comfortable beds and showers.By the end of 1970 there have been more than 190 different caravan manufacturers who invented even more practical appearance and durable design. Caravans are now coming in different levels of luxury, from the primary travelling vehicles to the more advance forms. From static and movable, to enormous sizes in order to suit everyone’s requirements and tastes; from camping fanatics to people who love to travel around the world together with the entire family. Majority of caravans are about 3 to 7 metres long, with a single axle to carry the weight from 2 to 6 people. Besides, the smaller the caravan the easier the towing will be. The shape and the size together with the height and weight of the caravan will also influence towing performance.

Caravanning with caravans Australia as an alternative and inexpensive way to spend your holiday has grown in popularity over the years amongst all ages. Most of the people think caravans for sale Qld are more family matter, but at this moment caravans offer comfort for young, adults and couples, as a chance to have affordable holiday, or weekend getaways.

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