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What skills do children learn from a train set?

Author: Chandra Shinde
by Chandra Shinde
Posted: Nov 27, 2020

There are many varieties of toys and games available for children these days. They have different colours, shapes, sizes and material, which makes them safe to play. When children see them in toy stores, their faces light up in excitement, and they would want to buy them. Every child has a toy collection which strengthens their motor skills and allows them to pass their playtime.

A children’s train set allows them to have fun and develop many other skills, including communication, interaction, and creativity, while they push it on the toy track. Whether they consist of wood, plastic, or a cartoon theme, like Thomas, all children will enjoy playing with it and learn a variety of skills. They can explore their imagination and improve their social interaction skills. Here are some skills that the child will develop by playing with it:

  • Understanding and recognising items: Parents or siblings can try hiding parts of the train in and around the room and train children to find them.
  • Vocabulary: Children can develop their vocabulary skills by naming train parts, for example, wheels, engine, bridge, platform, station, mountains, etc. They will also learn to follow instructions like start the train, stop it, search for the train, put it on the bridge, and many others.
  • Taking turns: Encourage children to take turns in moving the train around the track and help them understand when to stop it by placing obstacles. Use stop signs and real-life characters like people crossing the track, waiting for it to arrive at the station, buying tickets, showing it to the conductor, etc. to help them understand how systems work.
  • Expanding the play: When the child is playing with the toy train, gradually introduce other toy items (e.g. cars, toy people) into the play sequence. Model and encourage appropriate play sequences (e.g. the car and train racing, toy people are getting off the train and then going home in the car) and hopefully this will develop their interest in other toys.

While parents go shopping to buy kids vehicles, they must remember to choose toys that are safe to use, attractive and lightweight. While buying them an electric car, they must ensure the brand is reputed and trustworthy. Since they have a variety of models, choose the one that suits the child’s interest. Whether it is a more adventurous model or a pleasant joy ride, there are plenty of options available for selection.

The budget is another criterion which holds utmost importance. Choose the vehicle which is attractive but also keep the budget in mind. Try finding out more about the child’s preferences before buying them a dream toy car. Choose a vehicle that they can move safely and enjoy the ride such as diecast model cars. Varying models are ideal for varying age groups. By choosing the child’s favourite colour, shape, weight limit, etc., parents can make the correct decision in selecting the perfect toy car.

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