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How to Bring up the Conversion Rates by Using Purchaser’s Data

Author: Payal Sharma
by Payal Sharma
Posted: Dec 01, 2020
customer experience

Customer data has become an enhancing crucial factor in developing the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing and various business options. But with the bulk of availability of customer data, the question arises is what can be collecting, analyzing, and availing your advantage?

When thinking to improve online behavior and conversion rate, various marketers focus entirely on website data but this becomes only one part of your consumer’s story. Customers now make interact with businesses with a variety of different channels such as your retail store, call center, website, and different mobile apps. Thus, if you are planning to look at basic customer profile data, you will not be able to get the full picture.

For example, a customer comes into a particular clothing store.

She prefers the denim section, peruses the racks, notices the price on the tags, and then moves to the sale section.

Thereafter from that point, she picks up some of the pairs of jeans and takes trials for them.

With this, she leaves the store.

This particular behavior performed by her, displays everything about the customer experience to a variety of shops. In this case, she was in search of jeans, made the thought that the jeans are too expensive and the other offered in the sales sections were not liked by her as it does not fit her.

It is not a fortunate point that customer experience is a harder point to understand.

In today’s digital world, where customer-centeredness, personalization, and customer experience isolate the winners from that of the losers, it is not a coincidence that the various companies boom up. Before getting elongated, it will take the pace of growth in an increasing manner which is difficult to have the competition in any of the industries for the ones who are so gradual to follow in their customer-centric behavior, the behavioral data-driven footsteps.

If the consumers are divulging the eCommerce purchasing seller, then you are not able to analyze the consumer experience in a similar way.

Therefore you can use the merger of surveys by consumers and analytics to get the behavioral alert and change your viewers’ clicks into potential conversions.

Thus here are the behavioral purchaser metrics that almost every eCommerce company should be gathering and the paths in which those metrics can be changed into actionable feedback.

Why is Customer behavior data essential nowadays?

Prior to the age of digitalization, when conventional one-way communication of mass marketing was not the only thing, but the sole reason is that personalization and customer experience did not really matter so much.

Not arguing much it is clear the importance of getting who your customers are. Now, creating customer personals and standard profiles of customers are no doubt important practices for considering the target customers and for the most effective customer journey mapping.

Ways to increase the conversion rates by customer data Make sure about the privacy policy to clear every doubt

Here we are not talking about what is too-great-to-be-true security statements. The various prospects are not fools and then they are able to make the prediction immediately as what the marketer has in his mind. It is true that avoiding the privacy policy in this specific case will help you to get a better conversion rate.

Creativity can be easily bought in bringing the conversion rate, yet, in your statement of privacy, In spite of using the critical "100% privacy, it will not spam you," which is a bromide you can create with the phrase related to your offer, absorbing it in your particular online marketing.

Determine the trouble pages

What will happen if the visitors on your site are being enhanced and not the conversion rates?

Even still you are getting more attraction, your profits though are not growing, and still don’t know why it is happening.

In order to identify the cause of the issue, it is important that you should look at pages of exit rates.

High volatility in exit rate pages shows the place where your browsers have made the decision of not becoming the customers. Perhaps they cannot search your size chart, or it may be possible that they think your shipping charges are so high. In any of the cases, the essential key to exploring what has made them leave is in the same place where they left from.

By clicking on the % Exit column on particular Google Analytics, you are able to notice which of your pages have the crown exit rates.

There are few pages that should have a high percentage of exit rates, such as "Confirmation" pages, but you as an online store are able to analyze your list to track those which are red flags.

Increased demand for personalization

The one complicated, multi-channel, with many touchpoints and the most time-spanning journey have also being driven out in almost fully by the single customer, whose motivations, varied needs, values, and the high requirements can differ entirely from those of the customer to their whole right and to their partial left going along the same path as all of them raises the demand for personalization.

A couple of statistics from one of the report says that the extinct of that customer demand for personalization such as:

  • 52% of consumers probably likes to switch to different brands if a company does not provide personalized communications

  • 65% of the business buyers are in a mindset to switch brands if any of the vendors do not personalize the communications to their company.

Stuck in the complexity of going with the alignment of the customer journey, and the rapidly increasing customer’s high expectations for getting the personalization don with that of the customer experience, this provides the quite daunting challenge for today’s marketer, to have the least to say.

Know why they are leaving?

Imagine what will happen when a sales representative notices a customer moving out the door.

At that particular point in time, it is too late to identify out what is the reason for leaving and provide them what they actually need.

But if you notice a potential consumer mouse heading towards the "X" box in their web browser, then you can intervene by having a quick survey.

You can use tools like Hotjar, Mouse Flow, Mopinion, fresh marketer, etc to get the reviews and know the reason as to what are the actual reasons for leaving.

Go ahead and leave customers happy!

Any of your customers who are in the mindset of buying your product and purely want your product. Still, there are many customers who need your product that they are not buying.

To know where and why customers crawl out of the purchasing channel will help you in taking action to improvise their customer experience and create more revenue and sales for you.

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