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How to write a good English essay

Author: William John
by William John
Posted: Dec 03, 2020

How to write a good English essay

The essay is an essential exercise in major business school competitions and that is why, in this article, I will give you some methodological advice in order to be successful in this test & Write my paper for me. I will focus here on English but of course, you can apply these tips for other languages.

Good to know

To succeed in this exercise, there are two important things to know. On the one hand, you must have impeccable English, without grammatical or spelling mistakes. I did say "to have impeccable English" and not to have "an elaborate or even exceptional English". The mistake that many candidates make is to want to convey their ideas without fail, even if they cannot do it correctly. So this gives homework with certainly real content but which receives a bad grade because it is not the most important content. You should only write on your copy that which you have no doubts as to the grammatical or spelling correction. An essay is an exercise in which form takes precedence over content. To improve your language, I advise you to read newspaper articles on the internet every day. Do not waste your time too much on grammar exercises (even if they are essential to have a solid foundation) because your brain, by reading a lot of articles, will know intuitively whether what you are writing is correct or not. When reading, do not hesitate to pick up idioms that you can reuse.

Structure your essay

On the other hand, it is still necessary to produce organized work. For this, I will give you an applicable tip for each topic. From the introduction, you will present the thesis you are defending, that is to say, your opinion on the subject. The essay is an exercise that requires taking a stand. Don't do it at the end, you have to do it at the start! The development, in 3 parts, can be summed up in 4 words: yes, but, moreover. The first part "certainly" is a small concession that you are going to make to your thesis. The second part will present a strong argument (stronger than the small concession) to defend your thesis. The last part is an additional argument that will defend your thesis and allow you to drive the point home & Can I Pay Someone To Write My Essay

. The conclusion is classic:

An example of an environmental test to illustrate this method:

Subject: Do you think that recent international policy actions concerning the environment are likely to stop global warming?

"As each year sets new records as regards world temperatures, climate change has become a burning issue for our country. Despite international commitments to put the brakes on this phenomenon, I will demonstrate that such global initiatives are unlikely to succeed.

Furthermore, some people even deny the fact that human actions could have any effect on climate change. Very few scientists are skeptical about the way mankind progressively harms its environment.

At the end of the day, the current political situation only allows pessimism regarding climate change. Global policy-makers, lured by short-term profit, do not dare to bet that sustainable energy could represent a lucrative return on investment. "

Some additional lessons you can learn from reading this essay: The knowledge used to write this assignment is really common. It is therefore useless to follow the news like a madman to write a very good essay. What is striking is the precision of the vocabulary and the use of "rare" words. Hence the interest of making a small personal directory.

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