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What Is A Private Investigator?

Author: Mac Addison
by Mac Addison
Posted: Sep 12, 2014
private investigator

So you’ve decided that your average police investigator isn’t going to cut it when it comes to your latest project so, you’ve decided that a private investigator might be the answer to all of your questions. However, before you even start to go about hiring a private investigator, you need to make sure that you know exactly what a private investigator is and what they do so that you can be absolutely certain that you’re hiring the right private investigator for you.

A Short Definition

A private investigator is basically a person which can be hired by either a group or an individual to undertake an investigation. One of the most common uses for a private investigators is in law. A lawyer will often hire a private investigator in a civil case so that they can get more information and possibly more evidence to support their case. Private investigators often work with defence attorneys on either capital punishment cases or criminal defence cases. A large number of private investigators are also employed by insurance companies so that they can investigate any suspicious claims made by their clients.

Investigating Adultery

Private investigators can also be hired to investigate the fidelity of one of the partners in a relationship. Indeed, before we had no-fault divorce, private investigators were often hired by one or both of the parties to prove that the other spouse had engaged in either adulterous behaviours or any other serious misconduct within the marriage. In fact, despite it being unnecessary to have proof of adultery in the majority of divorce cases, one of the most profitable areas for private investigators to work in is looking for evidence of infidelity in one or both of the spouses. Although proof of adultery isn’t necessary for the majority of divorces, it can be a factor in deciding who wins child custody as well as in setting property disputes within the marriage.

Investigating Potentially High-Risk Investments

People also hire private investigators to investigate any investment group, fund manager or any other risky investment venture on the behalf of the potential investor. Many investors choose to do this rather than risk falling foul to any fraud schemes or a Ponzi scheme. This is extremely useful for investors who may be considering investing a large amount of money in a company which they do not trust. A private investigator will unearth any information which would prove that the investment is risky or simply to raise a few red flags in the investors mind. In fact, several cases involving fraud and Ponzi schemes have been brought into the light by private investigators.

Undercover Investigators

Whilst there are indeed many official capacities for private investigators, there are also a large number of investigators who go undercover to discover the truth about suspected criminals. They often play the part of a disinterested third party in order to unearth evidence about a group of suspected criminals. The evidence is often used to bring the criminals to justice.

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