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Why you need Custom Web Design to Grow your Business

Author: Payal Sharma
by Payal Sharma
Posted: Dec 08, 2020

There are enough resources for you to pick up a theme, and start your online business. But in saying that, do not underestimate the power of custom web design when you are all set for the next step.

Today, your customer is interacting with your business from the comfort of their home, through a mobile or a PC. Now, in order to attract them, extra efforts are to be made.

In the beginning, when you are growing your brand, this might not be an issue, but as you see your brand growing consistently, it’s necessary to have a custom web design to grow your business.

In this article, PixelPhant is up for sharing the need for a custom web design, and how it can impact your business towards positive gains.

PixelPhant is among the most admired Product Image Editing Services for eCommerce. With professionals by our side, we have been helping eCommerce with their product image editing. Now with our blogs, we are inspired to share how to grow your eCommerce, generate more sales, and build your own brand.

Reasons Why you Need a Custom Web DesignBranding

Branding is a crucial factor for any business, both online and offline. It makes the experience memorable and allows people to return as well as share a word with their respective friends and family.

So what is the one thing that your customer will remember about your eCommerce? If it's the product, too bad cause they might appreciate the product but would not be able to recommend your specific website if they don’t remember it.

A custom web design gives you a stand-alone chance to get in sync with your brand image and follow the same theme of color, font, style, logo, image, etc. to grow your business.

Moreover, if you do it right, you can get a custom web design around your product. Not only will it motivate people to buy the product, but would also make it easy to remember and share your website with your product.

Standing out

If we weren’t just clear then here it is, loud and clear. You need to make yourself stand out. You might be giving the best customer service, highest quality, lowest price, or even all of them.

But what if no one ever buys a product. Or if they do, but are not so frequent with the purchase as they should be. The reason can be they found you, a competitor just like you, and truthfully they won’t care from whom they are buying if the product is the same.

A custom web design gives you a chance to stand out of the league and deliver your separate identity. In addition, if you can give your viewer something unique about your website, something that’s worth remembering, you can ensure that you have gained yourself a word of mouth marketing.

Getting Customized

This point isn’t just for the sake of reading but understanding. There might be millions of themes that are all set for you to run your website on. But every single one of them has that singular (or maybe more) factor that you wish you could change.

Moreover, if you change it according to you, another issue starts popping up. On the other hand, a custom web design allows you to make every single piece of your website alter according to you.

Be it the smallest icon to move on to the next page, or your homepage hero image that would bring in new customers. You can set up every single element according to your sales funnel, according to your copy, and according to the way you wish to present your products.

A custom website design allows you to ensure that every single element of your website is according to you and can be updated whenever, and however, you want.

Pursuing the Future

A custom web design is built specifically on the way you perceive the future. Don’t get us wrong here, as you can always update the site according to you, but when a custom website design begins, the core aim is to ensure that your site is future-ready.

The presentation, the Order Management System, the on-site product promotion, product placement, checkout process, tracking, and more. All are centered around the goal to make sure that, even if 10x to 100x people come to your site, it is easy for you to manage them.

SEO Supportive

While we were discussing the growth in traffic, the SEO of your website plays a very important role in it. SEO or search engine optimization of your website would decide whether or not your site would appear in the search result.

As you might already know, it is the most important factor for any website to be SEO friendly as it would directly determine whether or not your eCommerce would be successfully sustainable.

When working with custom web design, you can eliminate this worry as most web designers ensure that the website is SEO supportive first, and then work on the way it looks.

Speed and Security

While speed is part of a good SEO practice for a website, security turns out to be the most important factor. Especially if you are dealing with the customer’s data and privacy or if you are running an eCommerce store.

Speed and security shall go hand-in-hand to make sure that none of the bulky protection eliminates the way your customer is interacting with your website. A custom web design ensures exactly the same and provides you with the most secure and quick website.

Improving Customer Experience

At last, it burns down to the fact of how your website deals and interacts with your visitors. If it’s fairly ok, it won’t run for long. It needs to be exponentially good. And now it shouldn’t get you by surprise that a theme-based site might not deliver the same.

On the other hand, a custom web design that is entirely based around the product and your customer persona can lift the bars and give your customer the best experience you plan for.

From minimalistic to maximalism, you can choose what you want, where you want, and well how you want it. There is no doubt that a custom build website can enhance the customer experience to the fullest and get you to trust points from your customer more actively. You can learn more about How Customer Retention Strategies for eCommerce to grow Online.

Final thoughts

Even though you might be satisfied by the theme-based site you are running right now and this is not an issue at all. But at the same time, the benefits of having a custom web design, can’t be overlooked.

In the following article, as you saw there are about 7 core reasons to work on custom web designing for your site. Nonetheless, if you wish to hand it over to experts, you can outsource it to a website designing team that fits your budget and can understand your requirement thoroughly.

Here, if you would like to outsource your product images to get them edited by the professionals within the turnaround time of 24 hrs, with the cost- less than a dollar for an image, you hire PixelPhant But why just believe our words, Get yourself a free trial and experience the service by yourself.

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Chetan Menaria is Partnership & Collaboration Manager at PixelPhant, an eCommerce & fashion photo editing service provider. PixelPhant edit product images to make them look professional & eCommerce ready.

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