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Limit Switches And Micro Limit Switches What Is Important About Them

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Dec 05, 2020
limit switch

A limit switch is technically referred to as a miniature snap-action switch. This electrical switch is actuated via a tipping point mechanism requiring the application of trivial physical force. How are limit switches constructed? A good number of micro switches have a firm metal strip that’s supported by a spring. It will flip on applying sufficient force on the switch button. The strip flips back as the force falls below the tipping point limit. The required activation force is greater than the required deactivation force. A clicking sound happens due to the swift movement of the metal strip. This sound is like the click of a PC mouse.

There are smaller versions of this switch.

Limit Switches – What Are The Advantages?

A great advantage of a Limit Switch is that it’s extremely steadfast. Switching happens consistently at repeatable and definite positions. Several other sorts of switches don’t have this consistency. It is very important that a micro switch is steadfast because of its use in many applications concerning safety mechanisms.

Another great plus point of this switch is durability. Even the economical switches can complete over a million cycles. The pricier heavy-duty ones can complete over 10 million cycles. The reason for this durability is the design.

Moreover, a micro switch is very low-priced, particularly if purchased in bulk. This low-price and its consistency and durability make it a great proposal for the electronics market. Consequently, micro switches are enormously popular and are a prevalent electronic component.

Micro Limit Switches – What Are Their Uses?

Common uses of micro switches are:

  1. Detecting paper jams of printers and resolving the issue automatically. The switch detects if the valve’s closed. When the valve isn’t closed correctly, it will halt the process.
  2. Components Of Cars - Numerous car components must perform securely. A micro switch ensures their security. They are needed in numerous sorts of car components.
  3. Coin detection for vending machines.
  4. Levelling and security switches of lifts.
  5. Sensing door interlocks of microwave ovens – A microwave oven door has to close correctly. Otherwise, there is a chance of damage to the oven.

A Micro Limit Switch is great for controlling electrically-powered machinery or machine tools. Such a switch has a metal housing enclosing the snap-switch mechanism featuring actuating levers, rollers, or plungers.

Moreover, it is used when there is a need for knowing whether there has been closing or opening of a valve. An example is a tamper switch on a fire sprinkler system. A Micro Limit Switch is an extensively used component and is present in industrial equipment, domestic appliances, and machinery. It is common in control circuits. It also directly controls incandescent lamps, solenoid relays or coils, small DC motors or different components.

Flow switches detect air or liquid movement through a pipe or duct. They are referred to as sail switches. An airflow switch is made from a micro switch. How? The micro switch has an attached metal arm. The metal arm has an attached thin metal or plastic piece with a great surface area.

It’s really crucial in the critical equipment where there will be the need for reliability, such as in the medical equipment, industrial equipment, as well as safety devices.

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Fareed is a graduate of computer science engineering, a writer and marketing consultant. he continues to study on Nano technology and its resulting benefits to achieving almost there.

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