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Best place to order checks online safe and easy

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Dec 07, 2020
ordering checks

Things required when placing a check:

Placing a check’s order requires:

Your checking account number. It can be found at the bottom of the existing checks on the bank statement. Personal contact information includes your name and address. Your bank's routing number can also be found on the bank's website. This number will serve as an address hence the banking system will acknowledge which bank will pay the check.

The check number on your last check, to know which number your new checks should start with. For keeping your finances organized, you will have to order checks that start with a number that you have not used yet. In some conditions, the date on which you opened the account.

Contact information from the bank. You will also have to provide this information. You also need to verify the address against the existing checks.

Ordering checks online:

Certain factors should be taken into consideration while ordering checks online not just price. You must need to consider how long it will take to place an order, to contact customer support, shipping, processing, and receiving checks in the mail. Ordering checks through online places is a quite quick, easy, and simple method. Well, ordering checks through the mail will take a little more time hence be careful about the time and order checks a little earlier than your required time.

Security, the most important feature:

If one has to spend on a check a bare minimum, it should be on ensuring the check safety feature, as they are the payment methods that are mostly the fraud. So to ensure its safety is the biggest thing. But the latest hit features like additional hard-to-copy microprint, hologram foil, heat sensors, and hard-to-duplicate watermarks can cause the cost of checks to be doubled.

Deluxe Checks:

Deluxe produces personal and business controls, logo design, website creation, hosting, email marketing, social media management, marketing services for search engines, and fraud protection. Deluxe is located in the center of St.

Security features:

They provide the best security features on their checks. This comprises of microprinting and special paper and along with that the heat-reactive ink. Hence such features prevent the problems of copying or tampering when combined.

Featured product:

The most popular product from Deluxe checks is the Personal High-Security check. Considering it, it contains various enhanced features that make these kinds of checks more secure as compared to the economy checks that can be found anywhere. You will have to pay $117 for 400 checks, which for the same quantity, is higher than some other providers.

Popular check designs:

Choose from a large variety of designs. It will provide iconic characters and humanitarian themes, as well as you will find nature scenes and sports themes.


With a BBB, Deluxe wins a B-. User reviews score an overall average of 3.5 stars on trust pilot.

Cost of checks:

There are 300 numbers of checks which cost $75.50 for 2 boxes by Chase Bank (provided by Deluxe). The cost per check is $0.125.


Ordering online checks is an easy and simplest method. Several companies are the best place to order checks online checks. One just has to order them a little earlier. Deluxe checks offer a variety of designs and ensure the secured protection of your checks. With a variety of features, it is one of the best places to order checks online. Ordering checks from such services offer a low cost as compared to the checks from the bank. So be wise and careful while selecting such an option.

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