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What are the documents required to get the CDSCO License?

Author: Vicky Kumar
by Vicky Kumar
Posted: Dec 11, 2020
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To get the right to import foreign cosmetics in India, you have to do a lot more than just Import Export Code. As cosmetics involve a lot chemical ingredients, it’s the Central Drug Standard and Control that takes control of the license that you require to import these specific products.

It all happened back in 2010, where the government of India issued a notification – making it mandatory for anyone who seeks to import cosmetics to get the CDSCO Registration.

Why is the CDSCO License required?

When it comes to cosmetic products, their chemical nature can pose a threat to people and the environment. With the rumours and evidence of animal testing, it’s also necessary that the products are developed using ethical means.

Furthermore, people’s reliance on FDA has been brought into question because there is no regional body that does the same. That’s why, CDSCO has stepped in. The three reasons it has given to make it mandatory to get registration for import of cosmetic products are as follows:

  1. To make sure that the products brought in don’t have toxic and heavy metals present in them.

  2. To make sure that animals aren’t harmed to manufacture cosmetic products..

  3. To make sure that general people can use the product without fear.

What goes in the process of getting the CDSCO License?

There are 4 steps for registration of import of cosmetics:

  1. Collecting the required documents.

  2. Filling the online application for the CDSCO.

  3. Wait as the application is processed.

  4. Getting the registration number.

What documents do you need to present to get the import of cosmetics registration?

Now let’s dive into the meat of the topic and take a look at the documents that you need to get the license:

  1. The cover letter to tell the purpose of why you’re applying for the license.

  2. A power of attorney to authorize the signatory to certify the documents and filling and submitting your application.

  3. A undertaking, duly filled.

  4. List of ingredients that has been used to make the cosmetic products.

  5. Labels of the product that you’re looking for bring into India.

  6. Product specification detail

  7. Testing method used to test the toxicity and the effectiveness of the product.

  8. Manufacturing license for a product.

  9. Declaration that you’ve not tested on animals.

  10. Free sale certificate issued to the importer by the country of product’s origin.

  11. Declaration that no heavy metals of Hexachlorophene content is involved in the making of the cosmetic.

  12. Application form.

  13. Application processing fee.


Importing cosmetics in India bring in with itself several risks. While the government can’t fully mitigate them, it does have the power to ensure that a certificate is in place. If you want to get the CDSCO certificate, then take heed of the documents that we have mentioned here. If you do, and take the due steps to complete the process, you will earn the right to import product in India in not time.

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Vicky kumar is a company analyst in IP1 License.

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