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What You Should Know About Copper Uses at Home

Author: Mike Kempsky
by Mike Kempsky
Posted: Dec 14, 2020
copper tiles

If we can mention one metal that is known and used for ages it definitely should be copper. People admire its saturated colour, delicate shiny gloss but also wide range of applications. Copper tiles are a very popular way to introduce this distinctive aesthetic into interior decor. It automatically brings sophistication and elevates the look of the room. In this article we want to present possible uses of copper at home in our everyday life.

Copper - properties and amazing qualities

As it was already mentioned, copper has comprehensive properties and applications. Although it was firstly discovered and used by humans thousands of years ago, it remains a crucial element in almost every branch of modern industry. It is very ductile, malleable but also resistant, so it enables to create astonishing forms and shapes. Nowadays copper mosaic tiles are very popular especially among people, who value the best quality of craftsmanship and modest elegance. It is a perfect way to refresh interior design and bring some fresh touch of uniqueness. Copper tiles highlight extraordinary and delightful assets of kitchen or living room. Due to the noticeable aesthetic of copper tile it is willingly used as a decorative, yet practical element. The beautiful reddish-orange deep hue is probably the key factor that lead to its such popularity. Most people use tiles as a functional backsplash in their kitchen or as mosaic on the wall in the lounge area.

Where to apply copper tiles?

Copper tiles can be used in uncountable ways. Basically everything depends on creativity and requirements of each individual person. A very popular choice are copper tiles for kitchen backsplash. It is a practical solution that protects walls from getting splotched, but also it brings a bit of luxury to the room. Tiles are available in many forms and shapes, so you can reveal your personal style and taste. Copper backsplash with the Tree of Life motive or other Celtic symbols will easily add a dash of interesting character, making the space more characteristic. Moreover, due to the fact that copper is water resistant, tiles can be applied as an original decoration on a terrace. Wall copper tiles are an expression of true admiration for passionate and professional handcraft.

Introduce distinctive look into your apartment

Copper tile is definitely getting more and more desirable by people, who seek exceptional beauty in their house or apartment. Metal wall tiles are truly an amazing way to fully reveal and express your own taste and achieve the interior design of your dreams. Even such minor element as a backsplash or a decorative tile on a wall might tremendously change the look of the whole room. Uniqueness, elegance and sophistication are phrases that perfectly describe feeling that people have when they see a handcrafted metal tiles. If you are looking for an alternative options, it can be a good idea to opt for golden metallic brass tiles. They are known for their hardness and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, brass is really easy to maintain in a household. It demands only a soft microfibre cloth and a mild detergent to clean a surface of a tile.

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