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Benefits of Outsourcing VDC and 3D Modelling apart from Cost Reduction

Author: Kiran Nair
by Kiran Nair
Posted: Dec 18, 2020

Intricate, modern, and high-quality building infrastructure needs superior planning and execution from day one. Amalgamating with technology-driven instruments and involving numerous digital tools to bring about a planned and executed virtual building design is what we term Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) services. This application might involve BIM modeling, 3D rendering, and visualization, Scan to BIM services, and much more as part and parcel of it. While it is not necessary that a VDC process will include 3D BIM modeling but bringing it to use will provide a platform for working collaboratively on a single model being in the game of VDC. Talking about the concept of bringing about virtual construction facilities in contrast to the traditional way, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways is to outsource them to professional firms. By outsourcing VDC and 3D modeling services, the client can retrieve efficient, cost-effective, and precise results in a scheduled time. With the right people and the right technology being used through outsourcing it is proven to bring about a reduction of cost as compared to recruiting the team in-house for that same process. Understanding how an overall cost-benefit is achieved let us dive deep into some of the other crucial benefits of outsourcing VDC and BIM services.

Benefits of Outsourcing VDC and BIM Services

1. No Training cost: when you choose to outsource your BIM 3D modeling, the cost of recruiting and training the professionals for 3D modeling must be incurred by them. This way your company is free of training cost altogether. 2. Bring resources, not management issues: When you go the outsourcing way, you add competent and skilled 3D modelers, artists, etc in your company as an extension, but it all comes without the hassle of having to manage them and not having to incur an additional cost.3. Enhanced Project Control: This is a perk when you get into higher levels of management. Project managers, leaders, etc are loaded with tasks that are required for completion of a project and this can be even more demanding when it is a large-scale project. In situations like these, the best solution is to outsource BIM tasks and gain control over the entire workflow and project. With BIM services one can collaborate with all the stakeholders of the project on the same platform and engage with each one in a digital mode and bring about changes instantly. 4. Enhanced Infrastructure and tools: Outsourcing the task of VDC to professional companies you bring about advanced software, tools, and infrastructure for your project with no single penny invested in it. One can avail of high quality, efficient, and cost-effective 3D modeling for the construction project. 5. Unbeatable and Unmatched Quality: outsourcing it to professionals would mean you are on-boarding experts in the field of 3D modeling, that are experienced for years in the field of BIM, animation, or rendering. With this, you can rest assured that the 3D model generated by them will not only include all details but will be brought with perfection.6. Competitive Advantage: While the complex part of the project is handled by the outsourcing firm along with bringing about time and cost-benefit you can focus on bringing the early introduction of your product in the market with the right marketing channels. This way the customers will choose and trust your brand more easily and bring about a competitive and winning advantage.7. Complete Data Security: With Big data and cloud computing, data security is of prime importance and so data security is the need for every project. A single mistake with data management or a leak could put the company’s reputation at stake and hamper the growth graph distortion. Outsourcing companies are bound by strict data security norms and laws, failing which there would come heavy penalties. So, it is a necessity for them to maintain data security apart from striving to create a long-term relationship with their client. They maintain integrity by securing the data and never sharing anything with third parties. 8. In-time Delivery: A basic model or an overly complex infrastructure model along with great volume when outsourced assures getting consistent services delivered at the pre-decided schedule. Contrary to this, if it is not outsourced the timeline can be disturbed if some other critical work appears for the in-house team. 9. Greater Profit Margins: Since the operational cost and other expenses are reduced considerably one can be sure that a rise in their profit margins will come.10. Currency Valuation: If you outsource to companies like that in India, one can bring about additional cost-benefit due to the currency value being less as compared to their home country. When countries like the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and Canada outsource to BIM Outsourcing companies in India they can increase their cost-profit since the money value of Indian currency is lesser than theirs.

Outsourcing Scan to BIM Services:

Scan to BIM services is a technique to renovate or refurbish the existing structure using laser technology to BIM Model for the entire life cycle of the project. This is basically a three-step process. First undertaking the survey with high-definition laser scanners, second transferring this scanned data called a point cloud to the appropriate software, and finally generating the BIM model using some software like AutoDesk. While simpler, in theory, this overall concept requires extremely professional and trained staff especially for conducting accurate scans with advanced technology. So, the best solution would be to outsource this service to surveying companies which are best suitable and trained with it. The major advantage of outsourcing the point cloud to BIM services would be? Maximum Profit at Minimal Investment: One of the prominent benefits is deriving maximum profitability at minimal to no investment at all. The headache of researching the most advanced laser scanner and then the cost of purchasing it is removed altogether. In addition, if the company only outsources the scanning process, but considers creating BIM models in-house, that too will incur them with some amount of investment like high-end computers, storage space, big and fast internet packages apart from skilled and trained personnel. So, this cost plus the overall maintenance, managing, and monitoring to extract maximum productivity will go on increasing the cost, which means in-house BIM conversions and managing it will not be productive. To overcome such things, the best solution is to focus only on their competencies and outsource the entire Scan to BIM.? Survey Specialist: Considering scanning the infrastructure like clicking pictures is a completely wrong notion and so a specialist in this field is a prerequisite. A Survey specialist which not only knows to work with the scanner, but also knows the angles, precision, etc will bring about the scanned data with the highest accuracy in no time. So, outsourcing instead of training your traditional surveyors is a smart choice.

Outsourcing MEP BIM Services:

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) designs of a building infrastructure play one of the most significant roles in the planning, designing, construction, and managing of the building life cycle. A basic design would include all the fire protection systems, electrical fixtures, piping systems, water supply, HVAC systems, etc. All these systems require expertise and a great experienced staff to come up with the perfect design and its installations. While every company might have their in-house MEP designers in place, their expertise will not match up to a dedicated MEP Engineers that are facilitated with the latest BIM technologies at the outsourcing firms. When we outsource the MEP designs, we bring about a wide range of benefits for a timeline driven, fast-paced and cost-effective construction. Some of the benefits of outsourcing MEP BIM Services are:? Visualizing the MEP system installations in complex routes and tight systems with the identification of potential threats becomes much easier in a VDC environment with BIM Software thereby reducing the overall cost.? With advanced BIM technology available with outsourcing firms the scheduling conflicts and delays are overcome with MEP coordination services. It undertakes appropriate coordination of different MEP systems and components and their exact time for installation so that the overall workflow is uninterrupted between the service providers and different project disciplines and stakeholders. Such a thing will not only bring cost efficiency but saves from wastage, redo, and time delays.? With BIM services it is a given that project documentation and records will be maintained that aid in the operation and maintenance throughout the project life cycle of the facility. With this, the access, repairs, and upgrades of MEP systems can be facilitated with minimal effort and great ease. Introspecting the two main areas of VDC we can conclude that outsourcing would be extremely beneficial. Apart from this stats and research have proven that 3D Modelling or Rendering, Scan to BIM or MEP Modelling, outsourcing such services there is 60% cost advantage for the company as compared to performing them in-house.

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