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The Modern Man’s Guide to Jewellery

Author: John Hinds
by John Hinds
Posted: Dec 15, 2020

So, to a certain extent, year on year the range of jewellery that is deemed part of the modern man’s armoury gets increasingly diverse and previous boundaries are smashed. 2020 has seen the breakthrough of pearl necklaces via popular musicians like Shaun Mendes and Harry Styles, for instance. The majority of men may not be ready to go that far, as yet, so let’s take a look at some of the more widespread trends in men’s jewellery this year.

Silver is always a solid bet

While silver doesn’t have the status that gold may have, it is almost always easier to make silver work. Silver jewellery complements a wider range of outfits for all occasions and is a little more understated than gold. There are a wide range of silver men’s jewellery items on the market that can be combined to great effect. Silver torque bangles are a bold, yet classy statement on anyone’s wrist and a little pull or squeeze is all it takes to adjust the pieces to your size. While a silver bangle can do jazz up the wrist and will look great if you have a stainless steel watch on the other side, a silver chain will look great around the neck with most clothing choices, from suits, to smart shirts and band t-shirts.

A statement ring

Rings that represent a particular interest or side of your personality are really on point in 2020. Whether that means you want to represent your fascination with Norse mythology by sporting a Viking shield design, your interest in ancient Egypt by showing off a ring with the eye of Horus on, or simply your Zen state, via the Om symbol, the choices are endless and great fun too. There is no reason why jewellery for the modern men can’t be fun – that is a lesson learned from the rather staid trends of the 20th century, at least after the more relaxed and expansive 1960s, anyway.

Go with your gut

There is no shortage of scientific research into why the best decisions we make are often when we trust our gut. There is all manner of subconscious work going on in our brains that make this the case and there is no reason you shouldn’t apply the same logic to shopping for jewellery. Very often, overthinking things is our downfall and it makes the process stressful too. Let your instinct win out and you’ll more likely end up with a piece in line with your true sense of style.

Don’t be scared of a pendant

A sleek silver chain with a small pendant (stay away from large garish medallions) will add a great accent to your attire and again, don’t be afraid of displaying a bit of an edge. Maybe let the darker side of your interests run free with a serpentine design or a dagger. Animal pendants can be a great talking point, and the likes of wolves and dragons have proven very popular in the wake of the incredible Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies and the Game of Thrones series.

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Author: John Hinds
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