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How Hamilton Animal Control Succor for Squirrel Epidemic in Your Premises?

Author: Marci Coutts
by Marci Coutts
Posted: Sep 14, 2014

Do you find it difficult to get rid of squirrels in your attic or house? It is better to block these furry creatures or trap them to prevent their entrance to your attic. It is essential to know from where they enter your house. They can create a lot of mess in your attic along with creating weird noises, nest debris and chewing on wires. Many Canadian residence hire wildlife control Hamilton professionals to get rid of animals.

>> You Can Seal off the Attic

Block the holes or spaces which are wide enough for a squirrel to enter. If its your chimney in which they are residing you must place a chimney cap or wire mesh. Repair all the chewed out holes which lead them outside of the home but leave one hole so that they can make exit without getting trapped. Always make sure to secure any opening in the attic and rest of the home. Because squirrel can sense that the attic is no longer a welcome place and it will seek another place to get shelter.

>> It is Essential to Create an Exit

You can create an exit by making funnel out of a sheet of metal. Use this funnel by attaching it to the remaining hole to direct the narrow end outside. A squirrel can find its way out of the funnel but will not be able to get back in.

>> Draw Them Out of the Attic

Try to place some food like peanuts or breads near the narrow end of the funnel to make them feel to devour the food stuff and draw them out of the attic. Placing a food stuff can motivate them to come outside.

>> Trapping

Always use a right source of trap for squirrels. It is advised to use a small and live cage trap so that they will not get hurt in bigger traps. These traps are easily available in the hardware stores and read the instructions before using it. Place it in a corner of the attic. If you positioned it out of the way, there is more possibility of them to access the trap.

In order to trap squirrels you must choose right traps, avoid using larger traps they can get hurt in them when they move or jump inside. Always choose right bait so that they feel lured at seeing the food for instance peanut, walnut or apple slices, nuts etc. It is usually advised to avoid poison or rat kill in case of squirrels. There is no such poison for squirrels. Trapping is the best way for squirrel removal and then relocate them somewhere far away from your home.

Hamilton Wild Life provides professional animal removal and control services in Hamilton. We are able to handle a wide range of animal problems. We, at Hamilton Wild Life deliver integrated wildlife removal services which are environmental friendly and also ecologically responsible.

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Hamilton Wildlife provide effective methods to manage wildlife without using any cruel techniques. We, at 'Hamilton Wildlife' provide in-depth assessment of your animal intrusion problem and believe in implementing sympathetic and effective measures.

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Author: Marci Coutts

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