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Get 3 free quotes on crown reduction

Author: Erik Tilbud Olsen
by Erik Tilbud Olsen
Posted: Dec 24, 2020
top cutting

In your neighborhood, a relevant professional can be responsible for felling trees as well as handling tree climbing. We deliver absolutely free and non-binding 2-3 profitable top cutting offers close to you from rock solid top cutters - There is nothing to lose. Use our service and save money (up around 30 per cent) on 3 surprisingly beautiful top-cutting offers.

It can be quite time consuming now and then, even looking for a local authorized top cutter near you. Update the contact form immediately, and we will quickly email 2-3 profitable top-cutting offers (click on the 3 offers button). If you are not enthusiastic about working with cleaning dead branches, cutting into chips or thinning shrubs, then gladly order three overwhelming top-cutting deals.

Get 3 free quotes on crown reduction

If you decide on one of the offers, you can secure several thousand kroner in cannon discount on the created top cutting task. In less than 30 hours, Nina Frantzen in Assens obtained 3 enticing top-cutting special estimates (3 tilbud topkapning) and decided on the company UC Træpleje. Do you know that day after day we provide quantities of 1st class offers for free to the Danish people.

When trees can not be felled once

Felling of a tree can be done, for example, by making a pre-cut where the whole tree is felled at once. However, it is not very often that this can be done with the trees we come to, as they are in difficult places such as. in over houses, along roads, near power lines, etc. These trees must therefore be felled stump by stump, also called top cutting.

How to perform top cutting

Top cutting is done by climbing up the tree and making the felling from here. This technique is necessary in many places, as machines are often not accessible, such as in gardens, enclosed courtyards and similar places.

Top cutting Fredericia can also be done with a lift. This way is in some cases faster and safer if the trees are in such poor condition that it is not safe to climb them. We have our own lift which we use when felling trees, a so-called spider lift, on belts that can reach a height of 25 meters and reach 12 meters over obstacles.

Tree felling

If you have a tree that needs to be felled bit by bit, contact us. We have the right staff and equipment to handle difficultly placed trees in a professional and safe way.

Tree felling is done with the right equipment

Do you need to cut down a tree? Then we at Jan Vognmand are ready to help you. We offer professional tree felling for private as well as business in both Ringe, Odense and the rest of Funen.

We have many years of experience in felling trees, and we can therefore offer felling of both large and small trees. Of course, we have the right equipment to carry out a safe felling, so that we do not risk damage to buildings, plantings or personal injury. We can also offer to dispose of the wood immediately if you do not want to use it as firewood.

What does felling trees cost?

Our prices for tree felling depend, among other things, on how many trees you need to have felled and how many hours we need to spend on the task.

You can either choose to pay a cheap price per hour, or you can choose to pay a fixed price for the task. Here we come out and inspect the task and subsequently prepare a non-binding offer for your tree felling.

As a starting point, you should expect that it will take 3-5 hours to fell one tree, but of course it depends a lot on the specific task.

Contact us and get 3 non-binding quotes

If you have any questions about our tree felling, or if you want to hear more about how we can solve your specific task, you are always very welcome to contact us. This of course also applies if you want to have a non-binding offer prepared for your specific task.

About the Author

My name is Erik Tilbud Olsen and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Author: Erik Tilbud Olsen

Erik Tilbud Olsen

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