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Bread Mandalin' Gift Basket - Delight Your nearest and dearest With a Gift You Can Be Proud Of

Author: Heins Bakery
by Heins Bakery
Posted: Dec 25, 2020
Bread Mandalin' Gift Basket

Baked with passion in the old-fashioned way, The Bread Malvern Bar and Restaurant is a unique pub. The restaurant has two rooms that have been designed as a modern bistro with wooden floors, a large bar area and even a kitchen. The interior design combines European sophistication with the Australian way of living.

Food is the first on our list. You can choose from starters like salad, tomatoes, fries, soup and salad. The 'Cheese and Chips' special are one of their famous dishes. A 'range platter' with six different types of cheese, toasted and fried chips, is another speciality. The 'Breadwell' is a huge array of different types of bread and the 'Hickory Sticky Bun' is made using top quality smoked hickory.

'Breadwell' is one of their best selling specialties, so if you are one of those people who is hard pressed for time while cooking, this is a perfect place to relax. It has a long bar and counter space, with seating just around the corner. There are a counter to wash your glasses and a tiny kitchen with a stove and microwave. If you want to experiment, you can cook on the oven, too! But the real star is the large wooden dining table, perfectly shaped as a dining room table.

The 'Pizza' special is one of the places to go if you want to try Italian food in Perth. There are many different pizza specials and you can even build your own pizza. You have your choice of meat (lamb, veal, chicken, beef, sausage) and pasta (pizza, spaghetti, eggplant, etc). The'Tiramisu Pizza uses a recipe that is a little different; it uses thin pieces of cream cheese stuffed with pimiento sauce.

If you are into pasta, then you will enjoy the 'Pasta with Tomato Sauce' recipe. This dish is excellent. You can choose from various vegetables like artichokes, peas and mushrooms; or leave them out. For 'Pesto Chicken', you can use ham or turkey, and instead of pesto sauce, you can use chicken stock to add flavor. If you don't care for meat, you can always use broccoli or other vegetable to make your own stuffing.

For dessert, 'tiramisu chocolate cake' is an excellent choice. You need a good chocolate cake to top off the 'pasta with tomato sauce' special because it really needs a great chocolate to complement the rich tomato sauce. If you feel like changing it up a bit, you can also substitute frozen yogurt for the chocolate cake. It's a great way to save money.

Malvern Head House is definitely a place you should check out if you are in the area. It has a unique atmosphere that you will not find at other restaurants. The decorator made the choice to design the restaurant so that it would reflect his personality. The main reason he decided to go with this design is because it is very similar to his home. With all the different designs you can choose from, you will be sure to have a great dining experience and enjoy the food and drinks.

There are a variety of things you can get for this gift. A loaf of bread, maybe some pickled Herring, a bottle of wine or beer, or even a 'case of the month' with four bottles of wine for just one price. You can't go wrong when you select this gift. It will show that you took the time to think of someone and give them a gift they will be proud of. Make sure you include their name on the gift tag to ensure they will remember you every time they look at the gift.

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