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Expand the Business Potential Using an Electronic Signature

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Dec 22, 2020
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The application of an electronic signature increases the speed of signing both external and internal company documentation by 28%. Due to the benefits of electronic signatures over traditional ones (accessibility on any device, possibility to confirm contracts without downloading an app), more and more companies are adopting them every year.

Customer Choice

SignNow is a leading US e-signature provider. The company was found in 2011, and by 2020, it increased in popularity a thousand times. Currently, more than 20 million users trust their documents to SignNow.

On the reputable resource Capterra, SignNow has 442 positive reviews, with an overage rating of 4.6 scores out of 5.

The service has won a range of prestigious rewards. For example, it was featured in Top 20 Digital Signature Software 2020 and Leader Fall Best Software Awards 2020.

How to Make It?

On the SignNow platform, you may confirm any document online. There is no need to install additional programs or an application. All you have to do is:

  • Download the necessary documentation to the system;
  • Push on its title to start signing;
  • Pick up the method to sign (by a stylus, finger, mouse, or by typing it on the keyboard). Moreover, you may upload the manual signature through the scanner or just draw it by the touchscreen;
  • Check the correctness;
  • Push on the button «Ok» and then «Done»;
  • To send or download the file, press «More» and pick up the necessary function.

The SignNow platform is available on all types of devices, and it has a convenient mobile app. So, you may choose the way to sign that suits you the best.


Each year, the number of signature providing companies gradually increases. How not to get lost in the variety and pick up the best service? Let’s compare the main characteristics of SignNow with other similar companies.





SmartScore rating




Users Satisfaction level




The lowest price

Business plan $8 per user per month — 11features

Personal plan $10 per user per month — 4 features

Essentials plan $19 per user per month — 4 features

Middle price

Business Premium $15 — 11 features

Standard $25 — 6 features

Business $49 — 5 features

The highest price

Enterprise $30 — 11 features

Business Pro$ 40 — 13 features

Enterprise (by quote) — 6 features

Thus, we can see that SignNow offers a wider assortment of features for less money, and it gains the highest user satisfaction level among similar companies.


SignNow offers 3-level pricing: the Business plan for $8 per user per month, the Business Premium for $15, and the Enterprise costing $30. Let’s consider the broadest, Enterprise plan, and its features.

  1. Additional users. You can add up to 10 users as senders to your account. If you want to add more, call the site administration number 800-511-4951.
  2. Sending out. You may send out as many files as you wish to 1 or many recipients.
  3. Basics. You may add basic options to any document (signature, date, text, checkbox, etc.)
  4. Templates. Convert documents into templates. You can create an unlimited number of templates with your signature. It significantly speeds up the workflow.
  5. Signature collection. You can keep 2+ in-person signatures on your mobile device.
  6. Cloud storage. Keep your files in the Box, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, and other storage.
  7. Live support. Get help anytime through the live chat option from qualified assistants.
  8. Personal logo. Add the personal branding to the documents.
  9. Bulk invite. Send files to multiple users at once with the CSV format.
  10. Document groups. Gather several documents into one group and send them to receivers.
  11. Payment button. You may add a payment request option to the signing documents.
  12. Smart option. Create smart fillable fields and add them to the template.
  13. High-security level. An advanced level of protection will keep your content safe.

Here are just some features of the Enterprise plan. But even a minimal set of services in a Business package is enough for full comfortable use. You can try the 7-day free trial to choose the features you need.


E-signature is the official manner to confirm contracts or agreements in the 21st century. The technology is regulated in the United States by certain laws, such as the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, Digital Signature and Electronic Authentication Law, the Uniform Commercial Code, and some more.

The quality digital developer fits out the full protection and safety of all your operations. By changing a manual signature over the digital one, you acquire a lot of benefits:

  • Convenience. You and your partners from anywhere can read, check, and confirm a contract in a matter of minutes. The receiver does not need to install any additional software. He/she just has to open the file and sign it.
  • Speeding up the workflow. According to research, the introduction of an electronic signature speeds up the signing of documents 195 times! You don't need to spend hours flying just to validate a contract. Also, you don't need to wait until the weekday to meet all parties in the office.
  • Less money. There is no need to print and scan or buy folders of paper and copiers. Therefore, less money is spent.
  • Improving the environment. The introduction of an electronic signature reduces the amount of paper consumption. Accordingly, the amount of deforestation decreases.

Choose a quality e-signature provider and take all these benefits and even more.

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