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Tips For Protecting Your Dogs In Winters | Pet Clinic In Singapore

Author: Oasis Vet Clinic
by Oasis Vet Clinic
Posted: Dec 27, 2020
signs hypothermia

During the winters, temperatures get down in countries that bring many changes in foods, clothing, lifestyle, and daily routine for humans. These changes do not happen only in humans that are similar in our dear pets too. We need to take care of them according to seasons and give them proper meals and other essential items of their daily use.

Here are some important tips that will help your dogs to feel more comfortable and prevent seasonal hazards.

Water Bowls

In winters, the temperature gets down, which may freeze water bowls quickly. For preventing your outdoor dogs from thirsty you must always be careful about changing the water in the bowels frequently. If you do not do this it may cause a serious throat problem to your dog and your visit to a clinic for pets is confirmed. If your pet stays inside, always remember to give him water once in an hour. Moreover, the many unfreezing electric water bowls are available in the market which may also help your dog to get your dog warm water.

Warm Bedding

Do not let your loved pets sleep on cold tiles and concrete floors in winters. Same as humans, they need warm bedding in winters as they also get a fever by not doing so. Warm blankets also keep their bodies warm. Try to place the bed near the heat and also fix the area where they can sleep usually which is far from the uncarpeted area and cold tiles.

Dogs walk during winters

During the winters, when you take your dog for a walk, you always care that your dog should not eat ice as ice is poisonous to them. Look out for salt and de-icer not eaten by the dog which may give them throat issues. Somehow, if your dog gets coughing in the winters contact the vet or visit the clinic for pets without wasting a single minute. Dogs with old age, physically unfit, or short-haired put them in a sweater before going for a walk. In the end, never forget to remove the snow from the toes of the dog after the walk. By doing this, it may prevent your dog’s feet from soreness. Always stop your dog from licking ice during walks as it is difficult to chew for a dog which may cause teeth issues and mouth disease in the dog.

Signs of Hypothermia

During winter the hypothermia cases are increased at clinics for pets. You must always be active to show signs of hypothermia in your dog to avoid any big problem. The size, breed, how much time dogs spend outside and the feed will decide the signs of hypothermia. If your dog starts shivering or losing the mental condition it may be starting signs of hypothermia. In this condition, you must visit the vet as early as possible and also try to keep your dog warm.

Food Feeding in winters

If your dog mostly likes to stay outside, give him extra food in winters to keep the energy level up, and to keep the body warm. If the dog stays inside, just follow the normal diet as needed for him. Also, take advice from your vet related to the food which boosts up your dog’s energy.

Above are the basic tips for your dogs during the winters, but you should have to be more active with your dog during winters. There are little signs of illness and soreness just contact the vet for better treatment.

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