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Why Corrugated Is The Best Packaging Option | Abilogic

Author: Rana Moneeb
by Rana Moneeb
Posted: Jan 01, 2021

If you are new to corrugated cardboard products, here's a look at what they are, how they are made, and why they are the best packaging option for you and your product. Unless you work in the packaging industry, corrugated cardboard is usually easy to confuse with cardboard. Although they look and seem to do the same job, the two materials are actually completely different in terms of structure and function.

Corrugated cardboard containers are made of thick paper or thick paper. A good example of corrugated cardboard is a scale box, but corrugated cardboard is made of several layers of material rather than a single sheet. The three layers consist of an internal substrate, an external substrate, and a corrugated support in between.

Benefits of using cardboard as a packaging materialSustainability, recyclability, reusability.

Cardboard, made mainly from wood (renewable resource), is the most recyclable packaging material on the planet. According to, it is produced sustainably from recycled trees and old cardboard containers, with a recycling rate of about 90% over the last eight years and 96% in 2018. The collected fibers are recycled into paper products such as new boxes. As a result, the average cardboard box contains 50% recycled material.

The recycling rate of plastic, another common packaging material, is only about 15%, while the overall recycling rate of cardboard is about 78%.

In the latest Cartoon Industry LifeCycle Assessment (LCA) announced in June 2017, the efficiency of the plant's energy system, increased recycling and reuse, and the use of clean, environmentally friendly fossil fuels were announced. The environment. Progress has been confirmed. The long-term assessment also showed that from 2006 to 2014, recycled cardboard reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the industry by 35%, thus preventing cardboard from being thrown into landfills. Methane from landfills is a major contributor to global warming.

Cardboard recycling has a direct and significant impact on global health. This leads to a reduction in solid waste treatment. Recycled fibers do not require new raw materials and are reused to make new cardboard packaging. Old cardboard is a valuable resource for paper mills and new cardboard manufacturers, so it is also a source of income.

Cardboard is not only a renewable resource, it can also be recycled. Because of its durability and flexibility, it can be used several times before being recycled into new packaging.

Cardboard is often used to transport consumer goods. If you order something online, chances are your product will be delivered in a cardboard box. When you place your next order, put it in a box and save it. If you need it again in the future, simply pull it up and paste it to get a solid box. The cardboard box is ideal for getting around and can be easily used to move luggage. In addition to moving, it is also efficient for storage and can be used to transport your belongings home if it is in good condition.

Product safety

The most important thing in ensuring packaging is the safety of your product. If your customer receives your product and the product is damaged or broken, nothing else matters. Custom wavy boxes can ensure the safety of your products from point A to Point B. The wavy packaging allows you to add additional packaging materials, such as foam, to ensure the safety of the product. To understand how foam can make your packaging stronger and more efficient, read our "Foam Packaging Benefits Guide" blog.


There are not many packaging options that allow you to customize the packaging of your products. Corrugated paper allows you to do so. You can customize your packages according to the product's appearance. A one-size-fits-all package is a thing of the past. Whether it's retail or e-commerce packages, corrugated cardboard bottles can be used to deliver your products correctly to the customer group you need.

Printing and graphics capabilities

Corrugated paper allows you to add graphics to your packaging. What is the best way to attract customer attention from custom graphics? Graphics help customers focus on your product rather than compete. They can also help you raise awareness of your brand. Four popular graphic options include lithography, digital printing, live printing, and composite drawings. You can learn more about these different types of graphics options and learn more by reading our blog How to deploy custom retail packaging solutions can benefit your business.

E-commerce and retail packaging

Do you need a retail or e-commerce packaging option? If so, you are looking for corrugated paper.

For retail companies, attracting customer attention is a big challenge, but it is also very important. With seconds to influence consumers, you should bring out your product packaging. Using custom corrugated cardboard packages, you can do this because it can provide a unique design for your product, protect the store that sells your product, and educate consumers about the value of your product.

For e-commerce, personal wavy packages can leave a deep initial impression on your customers from the start. With personal ribbed cardboard packages, you can ensure that your customers are impressed the moment they touch your brand. Research shows that there is a strong relationship between product packaging design and the perceived value of the product by customers.

Ready to turn packaging options into Cardboard packaging?

If you are ready to switch to wavy bottles, please let us know. For more than 10 years, PrintCosmo Container has helped companies use wavy packaging and other materials to better communicate with customers and make them more sustainable and profitable. Are you ready for yourself?

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