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Best Website Design practices of 2020

Author: Umz Technologies
by Umz Technologies
Posted: Jan 01, 2021
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2020 has been a roller coaster ride, but somehow it has made people internet savvy. With the year almost at its end, new designs are also knocking on the doors.

Today, we have dedicated our day to the designers as we will check the elements that can have an evergreen impact. If you check, then you can find that most of the web design themes get carried forward for a successful result, like using minimalist designs, rule-breaking typography, and use more gradients.

There are different trends which are getting emerged, some of the designs consist of dark features, interfaces that have audio elements, and 3D elements and images can be a great choice.

However, you must also know that to follow these practices, you require an expert website design service. Only professionals will be able to fulfill your needs.

Therefore let us have a look at the best web design practices:

White Space and Minimalistic:

When you ask about classic designing trends, you must know that minimalism is one of the ongoing things.

The amazing thing about this particular designing trend is it will stay strong, and it can evolve continuously. In 2020, minimalism means large white spaces and mostly where you are not expecting.

You can check more about it from Whiteboard as they are more of a classic minimalist. You can also check Uber, Soldo, as they are great at using minimalistic design beautifully. You can find a simple photo with mostly white along with also rests on a white background consisting of asymmetrical white space to attract users towards the content.

The prime reasons that make minimalism work is because they are beautiful, elegant, and is also understandable.

Dark Mode Designs:

With the many users choosing the dark mode for their apps and interfaces, there is no surprise that more numbers of websites are looking forward to creating websites that have a dark background. Designers are always the people who deliver products as per the needs of the people.

If you are thinking about what actually makes these dark designs nice for people and why they are on the trend list, maybe because the dark interface is great as they compliment bright elements and easy to read makes it a readable design.

They are known to deliver a classy look and hence can become a good choice for the top textile brands, watches, and other classic product sellers. It actually has the ability to grab the attention of customers.

Breaking typography Rules:

2020 is a year that when experts are going to break most of the traditional rules related to typography.

The prime way to make this new trend work is by using some out of the box rules, which comprises sizing, odd spacing, line breaks, and so on. Most of all, typography in such styles is more into the art elements and less informational.

If you check J Powers where he breaks the type rules of Events in such a way that it does not hurt the website readability. He creates the headline in a way where it crosses both the background and foreground image. The most interesting thing here is the change of colors with different placements, which creates a layered effect. This design also makes sure of the rounded text elements for connecting spaces.

Another example is Makers & Dreamers twists, turns, and flips typography is in such a way that no one would think of even trying. The simple and clean work in the entire design makes the design readable and great for the visitors.

Artistic illustrations:

Artistic illustrations are the elements that consist of line-style drawing along with hints - these are seemingly growing at a higher rate. Such website designs have become a lot popular as it feels authentic and looks appealing along with whimsical.

You can find many such websites where the website is created by collecting a range of artistic elements that are spunky, imaginative, and creative. Each and every illustration that you find on such a website appears like someone have sketched them on their screen.

Mix realism and Illustration:

What is the best style to use? Photos or Illustrations?

If you are following the current trend of 2020, you can find that it combines both to offer tweener aesthetics, which has great photos and cool illustrations. This is another highly dominating trend that is going to stay.

There are, again, many websites that have done justice to this trend. If you check the website of Constance Burke, you can find that they have used the illustrations and photos just perfectly. Such a blend can actually grab a lot of attention from viewers.

Liquid Animation:

Every website that you access these days will certainly include some kinds of animations. Something that is trending in the current times is the liquid style animation that has water-like movements.

Liquid animations can work in several ways as sometimes they will work for the entire scenes like on their way of transition, as the hovering state to compel clicks, as general animation in order to get user’ attention to the design. The only trick of making this work is in the movement speed. Make sure it is fluid, on time, and smooth to acquire a realistic feel.

You can now find several websites as such following the same procedure. You can have a look at their designs and move ahead to creating yours.

Everything 3D:

When you are adding depth to your designs, you are creating a sense of realism in your design. With the 3D pictures, it actually extends your idea. This is a trend that came up during the last years of the decade, and you can expect to find a lot more in the coming years.

The best part of the 3D designs is that they offer unexpected things to users, like breaking of the mask while you scroll. This is a great thing as you will be doing something unexpected.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the most common website designing practices that you can choose for the best results. Just make sure you choose an agency that offers professional website design services. Without knowledgeable and professional heads, it is not possible to acquire the top results.

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Darshana Chakraborty is a blogger who has a passion for writing various blogs on website design services. Her blog website design in Kolkata is highly recommended.

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