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Set Your Game behind the Bar with Some Training Ideas

Author: Sarah Kahlon
by Sarah Kahlon
Posted: Dec 30, 2020
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A professional and well-trained bartender is easily distinguished from the rest. The passion he/ she has to learn new things while maintaining the drinks' quality is the enthusiasm one looks for to become a leading bartender. In addition to it, having a bartending certification gives a path to your goals.

Moreover, after obtaining the certification, getting the correct training is like providing food to your passion. It is also helpful in making you become a professional in hospitality. To puff up your resume and learn new things, getting training from different areas (but relevant to your field) is a great start to strengthen your skills perfectly. Read on to know more about some of the areas where you can train yourself.

Training with Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks are handed over at every restaurant and bar to give you a proper understanding of the place and your job role there. Properly understand your workplace and your responsibilities to perform better. This includes understanding your workplace culture, adding professionalism to your work, leaves and time off, handling customer conflicts, anti-harassment policies, and many others.

Training with Jiggers

If you are into bartending, then you very well know what a jigger is. It is a double-sided measuring tool to measure the pour count and remove the guesswork. It pours a perfect 1.5 oz or 1 oz of the drink. Most people think that training with jiggers is for newbies but that is a misconception. Training with jiggers helps you a lot with monitoring the bar's inventory by reducing over-pouring, especially on hectic days and when there are too many free pours like on a Friday night.

Health and Safety Training

Sometimes, bartending can be a dangerous and dirty job. Thus, make sure that you are well aware of health and safety practices. Also, always avoid common hygiene-related mistakes such as, touching the rim of the guest's glass, using dirty towels and glasses, scooping ice with glass, and many others.

Training to Carry Drinks

There might be a time when you would need to leave the bar and deliver the drinks to tables, so make sure you are very well capable of lifting, carrying, and balancing a tray crammed with drinks. Else, things will get very messy.

Training from Bar Websites

Growth is directly proportional to continuous learning. Going through websites and blogs that are packed with great information and new skills helps learn those techniques and skills and keep you updated in your field. Thus, follow some of the great bartending blogs and websites.

Remember the Location of All the Drinks and Glasses

It is the most basic yet essential thing to do. You must know where your tools are to perform the best. However, every bar is different, so add this to your skill set and you will never face a problem in remembering the drinks' places, no matter where you work. Additionally, you must also be knowledgeable about which glass to pair with which drink. It is also very vital for perfect bartending.

Training for Interacting with Customers

Customer interaction is also high with bartenders. Thus, you must have the soft skills required in bartending. You should be well versed in carrying a conversation or greeting someone nicely and making sure that they have a good experience at your bar. These small things add up to one's experience at a place.

Additionally, you should also know when to cut off someone on drinks. Serving more drinks to a customer may lead to a mess or chaos inside the bar or outside it, leading to damage to the restaurant's brand or image.

Final Consideration

If becoming a great bartender is your dream, then you must be packed with bartending certification, high enthusiasm, and correct training. Training is also an essential part to learn all the required skills and thus should be done in different hospitality areas. In addition to it, the zeal to learn new things always is a must which will lead you to fulfill your dream of becoming the best bartender ever.

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