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Things you would like to grasp Before obtaining Nail Extensions

Author: Thenail Art
by Thenail Art
Posted: Jan 02, 2021
nail extensions

Depending on who you raise – nail extensions are either thought of as a lurid, in vogue, or some way to coddle yourself. contemplate blank canvas as self-expression. With simply the correct quantity of knowledge, you'll flip your nails into a masterpiece.

Nail Extensions: A factor of A Past

Did you recognize the Chinese thought of long nails to be an emblem of status? Long nails sent that the user is thus wealthy that they will afford long nails since they need no grueling chores or tasks to do.

The Chinese were so enthusiastic about maintaining long nails that they even had nail guards to safeguard associate degreed beautify the long nails.

.This belief was conjointly rife in different communities. Even to the present day, in some cultures, long nails are indicators of an individual’s high social standing.

What’s All the promotional material about Nail Extensions?

Social media is stuffed with nail art and extensions. Naturally, you want to be interested in the new microorganism trend around nail art extension.

Nail extension involves the addition of a synthetic tip to the tip of your nails to extend the length. The appendix is then strong by covering it in gel, acrylic, or fiberglass. On the other hand, the substitute nail may additionally be pasted over your natural nails.

At present, although tons of individuals crave to own long nails. Some aren't lucky enough to have healthy and delightful nails. Nail extension act because of the excellent route to attain your dream nails. Nail extensions on bitten nails, short nails, or broken nails is that the best thanks to concealing imperfections and to urge beautiful long nails.

What Are the varied forms of Nail Extensions?

The nail extension techniques are classified as supported by the fabric and the way it's attached to your nails.

What Are Acrylic Nail Extensions?

Acrylic nail extension in Kolkata is that the most typical form of nail extension that just about everybody is aware of. The acrylic nail is formed out of a compound liquid mixed with a chemical compound powder to create a paste that's affixed onto your natural mail & tip. The paste arduousness over time and may last an honest 3-4 weeks.


  • Acrylic extensions are appropriate for girls with brittle and weak nails.
  • Acrylics are good for women who have a habit of biting their nails as they're terribly hard to bite off.
  • Acrylic nails are around longer than their counterparts. Therefore, the foremost nail technician at nail art service in Kolkata encompasses a ton of expertise regarding a way to apply and take away these nails.
  • You don’t need to worry about facet effects as such.
  • They last longer than gel nails.


  • They will harm your natural nail underneath, if not removed properly.
  • As acrylic nails are artificial enhancements as they gift a pretend to look. you would like an awfully gifted technician who can apply your acrylics as natural ones.
  • Application of acrylic nails involves the employment of robust chemicals and also the formation of fumes. Some girls might have a hypersensitivity reaction to such substances.
  • You want to fill each month which implies further expenditure.

What Are Gel Nail Extensions?

At The Nail & Lash, you'll get the Permanent Eyelash extension alongside a Gel Nail Extension in Kolkata.

Gel nail extensions conjointly referred to as gel overlays that concerned the appliance of a layer of thick clear gel on your natural nail or nail extensions. These need the usage of the LED or ultraviolet illumination light exposure to line effectively.


  • Since they're very light-weight they cause {the least |the smallest quantity} amount of discomfort.
  • Unlike different nail treatments gel nail extensions, don't have an odor.
  • They do not cause any harm to your natural nails. In fact, the merchandise your natural nails and facilitate them to grow.
  • Gel nail extensions seem a lot of natural.
  • Due to its flexibility gel nails not solely sit simple however conjointly proof against chipping
  • Environmentally safe.


  • Bit expensive.
  • Since gel nail extensions need ultraviolet illumination light for setting, you can’t simply merely get a gel nail extensions kit to do obtaining gel nail extensions at home.
  • They last only fourteen days that makes them less durable.
  • Removing gel nails will be terribly difficult and time-consuming
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