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What is the Difference Between a Family Law Attorney and a Divorce Lawyer?

Author: Mohajer Law
by Mohajer Law
Posted: Jan 03, 2021
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We all know that divorce means the dissolution of marriage. But both divorce and family law lawyers handle the matters far beyond the break-up of a marriage. Generally, there is not much difference between a family law attorney and a divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers just handle the divorce cases, while, family law attorneys are known for advising their clients regarding the important financial as well as personal matters that are related to divorce, child custody, child support, division of assets and debts, family support, adoption, and the award of the family mortgage and home. An experienced family law firm can also handle complex alimony disputes, domestic violence cases, separation agreements, juvenile court matters, and termination of parental rights.

Lawyers that are specialized in divorce are family law lawyers. They can handle marital dissolution cases and also have the experience to represent you in other matters that involve family law. Both divorce lawyers and family law lawyers do the same thing, however, they both reflect different images in the manner they define themselves. A family law firm usually does more than a divorce lawyer and is known for several reasons.

  • Family law and divorce are two terms that are often used interchangeably. However, divorce is a subset of family law. A divorce lawyer help to protect you at each step of the divorce process. It is a family law lawyer who does the divorce. They record and organize each official documents that are required to file cases.
  • A divorce lawyer works completely in civil law. It works by representing only one party that is involved in the proceedings of divorce. Such a lawyer work on the issues that relate to the pending divorce. They spend much of their time gathering evidence, conducting research, filing documents with the court, drafting paperwork, and making your case more strong.
  • While a family law attorney is a licensed attorney who handles legal problems within the members of the same family. Such lawyers may include cases such as guardianship, adoption, emancipation, and divorce. A family lawyer is responsible for monitoring mediation sessions, overseeing the family estates, and offering legal advice.
  • A divorce lawyer represents you at settlement conferences and in front of judges. Where a family lawyer is responsible for helping families make the required arrangements for their children as well as to warn the court on what they think to be the best outcome for the children. They help families by safeguarding the best interests of their children (minor/dependent) in a parental dispute of rights and responsibilities. He/she is also responsible for the evaluation of the family‚Äôs conditions and circumstances to be able to make a recommendation to the court regarding the relationship, guardianship, and so on.
  • A divorce attorney advocates and advice for his/her clients who want to end their marriages. These lawyers also need to work on cases that involve leases, wills, trusts, etc. At the time of settlement, they are also known to guide the client and counsel them.
  • Most of the divorce lawyers do not handle guardianship, trial agreements, conservatorship to name a few specialties, and adoption. While these specialties are handled by the family lawyer, who does not handle a large number of divorces.

While hiring a lawyer for family law issues, it is always better to find a lawyer that is professional and experienced in family law as they are capable of helping you settle the issues cost-effectively and efficiently. A good lawyer prevents an overly aggressive lawyer of your spouse, from taking more than what is allowed by the law.

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