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Accurate Mortgage Calculator

Author: Moshon Reuveni
by Moshon Reuveni
Posted: Jan 03, 2021

The only accurate mortgage calculator that detailed what kind of loans you are eligible to get can be found on the website. It not only detailed the potential loans but also predict the difficulty you may encounter based on the loan product you selected and your financial qualification

Unlike most calculators, which factor 4-8 basic elements to draw results. Lendersa factor 24 elements and the combination among the elements brings about an unlimited number of loan scenarios and options to borrowers.

The most accurate mortgage calculator for California borrowers is powered by lendersa technology.

It calculates precisely the loan amount and or the interest rate and the monthly payments based on A-Z factors, which are being integrated on one single calculator.

A. Estimated property value or purchase price

B. Loan amount

C. Interest rate

D. Loan duration

E. Property location

F. Borrower Credit

G. Borrower Income

H. Borrower Expenses

I. Cash Reserves

J. Credit Events (Bk, short sale, foreclosure)

K. Type of Income, Self-employed, wage earner Verifications

L. Cash out consderations

M. Pre-payment penalties and extensions

N. Extended loan program options ( Construction, Fix N Flip, Bridge loans etc.)

O. Subprime Options

P. Equity only Options

Q. 2nd loan options

R. Type of properties (10)

T. Other real estates

U. Other Assets

V. Citizenship, green card, and foreign borrowers.

X. Speed of funding required

Y. Verifications ( Full docs, partial verification, equity/ credit only)

Z. Co-Borrowers (Same as A-Z and the effect of combinations among Co-borrowers)

Unless you factor in all the A-Z elements when you shop for a loan, expect to be inaccurate because I cannot calculate affordability without all the above A_Z features.

The primary goal of using a home mortgage calculator is to get a realistic, data-driven snapshot of what you can expect to pay in return for a home mortgage loan.

None of the well-known calculators (, USMortgage home loan calculator, Bankrate, Trulia Mortgage Calculator, Dave provide that snapshot; although some offer fewer features than others, they are all waste of time.

The only usable mortgage calculator that truly delivers accurate results can be found on the lendersa website, which uses advanced technology to compare rates from thousands of lenders against 24 qualification factors.

About the Author

Arranging hard Money loans since 1989. I developed anew software Lendersa which is now available on

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