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What is OPC?

Author: Tansen Cement
by Tansen Cement
Posted: Jan 07, 2021

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the most common type of cement used during general concrete construction in cases when there is no exposure to sulfates in the soil or groundwater. Ordinary Portland Cement is a type of Portland cement.

Ordinary Portland Cement is a general-purpose high strength cement used in a wide range of applications and construction projects. OPC Cement is most commonly used in the manufacturing of concrete which can then be cast in any form and be used as a structural element in various construction projects.

The name ‘Portland’ was given by the British cement manufacturer Joseph Aspdin in 1824 because of its strong resemblance to Portland Stone, a type of white-grey limestone found at this isle of Portland, Dorset in England.

OPC is categorized as a type of hydraulic cement, which means that it is a type of cement that hardens as a reaction to being mixed with water and also becomes water-resistant once it hardens.

Being a low-cost cement, OPC is widely used in the production of concrete. Concrete is the most popular material used for construction in the building of roads, houses, buildings, dams, and the like. OPC is also used in mortars and for making grouts.

The grade of cement is used to indicate the compression strength (mpa) of the concrete that will be observed after 28 days of setting it. Most cement comes with 2 types of grading on the packet, 43-grade, and 53-grade. 53 Grade cement has a faster setting time compared to a 43-grade cement. 53-Grade cement attains compression strength of 27 mpa in a week compared to the 23 mpa achieved by 43-Grade cement.

One of the most famous OPC cement in Nepal, Tansen Cement is produced by Palpa Cement Industry Pvt. Ltd. The cement is made with the highest quality limestone sourced from the mines located in Palpa. The chemical composition of Tansen OPC Cement gives it extra strength and higher durability and makes it ideal for all kinds of construction works. Additionally, its high early strength contributes to a lower cost of construction. Their quality control helps to ensure that only the highest quality of cement reaches the consumers.

Quality, Strength, Reliability, Performance, and sustainability are the qualities that make Tansen Cement the perfect choice for engineers, builders, and contractors to use in their construction projects. That mixed with an extremely cheap production price contributes to the heavy usage of OPC cement in the construction world.

Tansen Cement is proud to manufacture the Best Cement in Nepal. Tansen Cement is manufactured by Palpa Cement Industries PVT. LTD., one of the biggest producers of the best OPC cement in Nepal.

Tansen OPC Cement is made with the highest quality limestone sourced from our mines situated in Palpa. This allows us to manufacture 53 Grade Equivalent OPC Cement using our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. The chemical composition of Tansen OPC Cement grants it extra strength and high durability making it ideal for all kinds of construction works. Additionally, its high early strength grants a lower cost of construction. The manufacturing process of Tansen OPC Cement is monitored at all phases to ensure that only the best quality product reaches the consumer.

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Tansen cement is proud to manufacture one of the Best Cement in Nepal

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