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Things That Are Included In Deep House Cleaning Service

Author: Homeplus Cleaning
by Homeplus Cleaning
Posted: Jan 08, 2021

Compared to regular or standard cleaning services which entail vacuuming and cleaning the floors, carpets, and surfaces. Deep cleaning services extend to all the deep dirt and grime situated in your home.

Professional house cleaners are the right individuals for the job of deep cleaning your home.

They skillfully get to the unseen areas and give extra attention to those neglected areas. From the food stains in your microwave oven to the grime and dirt behind your dishwasher, and even those dirt stuck in air vents.

They are called professionals because they are familiar with stains and also skilled in cleaning and so they know the right solutions and equipment to get the job done.


Deep cleaning service covers so many parts and aspects of the home;

Kitchen: this includes vacuuming and mopping the floors, cleaning the windows and window sills, cleaning the kitchen sink (both in and underneath), cleaning behind and inside the dishwasher, microwave, grills, and ovens. Cleaning the stove burners and smoke vent.

Also includes exterminating the needless in the kitchen, trashing, and cleaning the bin. Cleaning and organizing the kitchen drawers. Cleaning and vacuuming the pantry, organizing the shelves, dusting the walls and ceiling for cobwebs and molds.

Some service companies go as far as organizing the refrigerator and freezer.

How to deep clean the oven

The first thing that comes to mind is the oven, and how do we do it?

The oven can be deep cleaned by first removing the fire hazard and then you can choose to deep clean with toxic cleaners or explore with lesser toxic homemade. Such as baking soda, vinegar, or liquid ammonia.

Living room and dining area: includes eliminating the needless things, vacuuming and cleaning the floors and carpets, vacuuming in between and under the couch, and chairs. Dusting lamps, shelves, picture frames, wall corners for molds, and cobwebs. Disinfecting the doorknobs and drawer handles, cleaning the vents, windows, and window sills.

Washing the table covers and wiping down the tables and chairs. Cleaning light switches, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.

Some services dust and clean electronics and also disinfect remote controls. And reach the dirt behind drawers and shelves.

Bathroom: Professional house cleaners always start with getting rid of the trash and unnecessary things in the bathroom, it only leads to more mess when the cleaning starts.

It includes washing, scrubbing, and disinfecting the toilet, both inside and outside. Scrubbing, washing, and disinfecting the bathtub and shower. Cleaning and disinfecting the sink, mirror, doorknobs, towel racks, and toilet paper holder. Scrubbing and washing of the walls (if tiled, if not just dusting will do). Cleaning, organizing, and clearing the drawers and cabinets, washing and disinfecting the shower curtains.

Some services include restocking of the cabinets with toilet papers, soaps, disinfectants, and shampoos. And also washing and disinfecting the towels.

How to properly deep clean the bathroom

The bathroom needs more attention when it comes to deep cleaning because it's always used. You can begin by removing stuff covering the bathroom counter. Use a microfiber entrenched with an antibacterial spray to wipe every single item in the bathroom and don't fail to open the windows if you have any. That way you can easily see where you're missing out. Every surface is important, even on the floor. Endure there is a complete sanitizing

Bedroom: this includes vacuuming and mopping the floors and under the bed. Cleaning the mattress, washing, and changing the bed linen. Dusting the cabinets and cupboards, windows, mirrors, lamps, and pictures. Dusting and polishing of furniture. Cleaning the ceiling fan, light fixtures, and disinfecting knobs.

Some services go as far as organizing the wardrobe, folding, and organizing the laundry.

How to properly deep clean the bedroom

Start by decluttering the room. Arrange books, magazines, sneakers, and toys and keep them where they all belong. Then strip the bed and change the bedsheet. Move on to launder the beddings and shove aside the bed and clean under. As you vacuum thoroughly, don't forget to dust surfaces to eliminate dust and debris. The windows and mirrors are not left out. It's advisable to use an All-purpose cleaner for an easy wipe and sparkling.

Deep cleaning appears stressful and can be tough sometimes, but what makes it easy is frequently organizing and cleaning your home. That way, deep cleaning would become easy as almost everything is always clean. But still, it's the best idea to leave the deep cleaning to professional deep cleaners.


Deep cleaning is not carried out regularly, although when carried out, extends to areas that are not traditionally covered by a typical cleaning. It requires time, patience, and a lot of work put together. This is mostly carried out by professional house cleaners in Boston. We offer a wide range of cleaning services at homeplus cleaning.

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