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Hair Loss - A Few Reasons Why It Happens And How to Reduce Hair Loss

Author: Tracy Richardson
by Tracy Richardson
Posted: Jan 06, 2021
hair loss Hair loss

Hormonal changes, stress, too less of vitamins or anaemia... All these factors can cause excessive hair loss, but not only this decides about hair losing. Hair loss is a natural process. We lose 60 to 100 hairs a day without even realizing it. However, the process of natural hair losing becomes abnormal when more than 100 hairs are lost per day.

Phenomenon of hair loss may be due to:

Bad diet

All the foods we eat have a positive or negative effect on our body. Eating a small amount of food with small percent of proteins, zinc, iron and vitamins A and C can completely promote hair loss. Some percent of these elements in our daily nutrition are essential for hair growth and strengthening.

Stress and anxiety

The great enemies in life of the 21st century people are stress, which is the cause of hair losing.

Why is it like that? Stress and anxiety increase the levels of cortisone and adrenaline in the human body, they inhibit hair growth and thus enhance hair loss.

Certain health problems (for example: anaemia)

Anaemia is the term used to describe the depletion of red blood cells in the blood that can be caused by a lack of iron.

The Consequence of that can be excessive hair loss. The source of this phenomenon may also be: mycosis, lupus, hypothyroidism, or hyperthyroidism.

Finally, taking certain medications can also have a detrimental effect on your hair. So, if you are taking some medicine, and you see over limit hair losing you should go to inform your doctor and also should take consultation from trichologist specialist.

Post-partum period and the ageing process

Hormone levels drop after childbirth can lead to hair loss.

Also, menopause in women and andropause in men period of life can promote hair loss as the hormone levels drop.

Genetic factors

Excessive hair loss can be inherited from your parents and in this situation it is very hard to stop this cause but can help by hair transplantation in right time.

Use of wrong chemical hair products and too tight hairstyles

It is well known that the use of excessive amounts of chemical hair products, like colours for example can have a negative effect on the beauty of the hair.

Hairstyles that are too tight can also give bad effect for hairs when done very frequently. Some kind of hairstyles can be a cause of traction alopecia. This is a progressive hair loss that mainly affects the forehead, temples and ear area.

Now when you know the most important reasons why hair go to loss you can better control hair conditions and earlier protect hair by giving the right nutrition, minerals and vitamins to your organism and by using the right cosmetics to hair and skin o the head.

In the special situation the best is to take consultations with a trichologist specialist.

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