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When Should You Replace an Air Conditioning System? 5 Signs to Know

Author: John Dilan
by John Dilan
Posted: Jan 15, 2021

Summer is the perfect season to spend time outdoors with your loved ones and enjoy the warmth. But when you get back home and realise that it isn't as cool as you need it to be, that isn't a pleasant feeling. If you are using an air conditioning system and notice that the interiors are warm, you might have to get the assistance of an air conditioning service in Northern Beaches. But what if it's worse and you are unsure it needs a replacement? These 5 signs will suggest you do so.

The Air is Not Cool Enough:

Well, your air conditioning system is facing some issues. If you turn it on and the air isn't as cold, it's highly likely that it either needs to be repaired or replaced. This usually happens due to clogged piping or ductwork that blocks proper airflow. If this occurs quite often, the best thing to do is replace the AC unit with a new one.

Moisture Buildup Around the Unit:

Air conditioning systems typically produce moisture, but if there is too much leakage, it means that the AC unit is faulty. If you find lots of water around your air conditioning system, you might have to call an air conditioning service in Northern Beaches right away. Moisture leakage not just underperforms the unit but also poses health risks to you and your family. It can also lead to property damage and mould growth.

You have been using the Unit for Years:

An average AC system will last anywhere between 10 and 15 years. If your AC unit is running perfectly with proper maintenance, that's great! But modern AC systems are manufactured with energy efficiency technologies that can help save you money in the long run, so it's ideal to opt for a new air conditioning installation in Northern Beaches at some point.

Increased Energy Bills:

If you have been paying steep energy bills recently, it's worth inspecting the cooling system. Chances are your air conditioning system is not running efficiently anymore or that your thermostat needs repair. Upgrading to new equipment will easily solve the issue while also putting your energy bills on a diet for years to come.

Weird Smells from the AC:

If you notice a strange smell coming from the AC unit, that's definitely not good. A well-functioning air conditioning system would always put out fresh and clean air. When you sense a foul smell, contact a professional for air conditioning repairs in Northern Beaches, and replace the unit if suggested by them.

These are some of the most common signs you should never overlook when operating your air conditioning system. An AC unit used for many years would eventually need to be replaced, by which you are not just saving money but increasing comfort and safety for your family.

The author is a certified AC repair professional experienced in air conditioning service in Northern Beaches for over three years. In this article, he points out some important signs that an AC system needs to be replaced. For more details, visit

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