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How to get your ex-boyfriend to miss you

Author: Justine Mfulama
by Justine Mfulama
Posted: Jan 12, 2021
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Every girl has been in this situation before. When you just went through a breakup and after the anger and frustration settle you only have one desire: to get your ex-boyfriend to miss you and want you back.

No matter if the break up was for a good reason, or a bad one, we all want to experience that little feeling of satisfaction when an estranged ex comes crawling back.

Well, maybe not crawling but you get the idea.

So how do you do it? How do you get your ex to miss you and come back?

Here are 3 effective tips that will make your ex-boyfriend regret breaking up with you.

1. Look and feel your best

We all know the popular saying if you look your best you feel your best. And feeling good is the ultimate goal after a breakup.

Rather than staying up all night crying, watching SATC, and stalking your ex from a burner account, make the decision to practice self-care.

Spend time with your loved ones to healthily process your emotions of grief and hurt.

Then once you find yourself in a better place, do things that make you happy like working out, being creative, or meeting with friends.

And when you do those make it a point to look cute. The fact is that if we feel good about the way we look we feel more confident and experience more happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.

Which oftentimes give you a "glow". And guess what happens when he sees you glow? Yes, ma’am, he starts to miss the fun times the two of you used to share.

So win, win!

2. Go no contact

You know I had to mention this one! Probably the most effective but also the hardest step is to go no contact for at least thirty days after your break up.

I have explained in multiple YouTube videos that going no-contact is not a manipulation tool, but a way to distance yourself from the relationship and gain self-control.

Focusing on yourself for a minimum of 30 days and avoiding any contact with your ex, will help you gain clarity on what happened and whether the relationship was healthy.

However, going no-contact also has a profound effect on your estranged boyfriend. He starts to miss you!

Not hearing or seeing you will make him wonder what you are up to and most importantly if you have moved on already.

That curiosity then oftentimes leads to an unexpected call or text.

3. Release resentment

The final step is more for your mental well-being than to get your ex-boyfriend back.

A breakup brings up all sorts of emotions, but mostly pain and anger. No matter if you are mad at him or mad at yourself, you must evaluate and release any bad feelings connected to the relationship.

What I mean by the is that you have to accept that the relationship ended and that whatever happened, happened for a reason.

A good way to process those unwanted feelings is by journaling about them.

Like Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter, you have to extract the negative thoughts and feelings you have been holding in so that you can look at them clearly and find out what it is you need to do next.

This may be the most time-consuming step to get an ex-boyfriend to miss you, but all the most effective to move on after a breakup.

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Hi, I'm Justine Mfulama, a dating and relationship coach. I love to share my advice on everything love and look forward to contribute on here.

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