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Difference between white vs black pepper- when can they be used?

Author: Linda Decann
by Linda Decann
Posted: Jan 12, 2021
white pepper

We sometimes believe that white pepper and black pepper are polar opposites, the truth is that both types of spice come from the same tree.

What makes the difference between the two is nothing more than the way in which they are processed to become the pepper that we all know.

So that you know a little more about the ingredients that make your meals tastier and more natural, we will tell you the differences between both peppers and the most common uses for each one.

Black pepper:The most common, consumed and popular among all of us. It is what we have inherited from our mothers and grandmothers. Where does it come from? From Piper Nigrum (a tropical shrub). Its berries are harvested before ripening and then blanched (or cooked very little in water) and thus accelerates the browning process, which added to drying in the sun, will increase its itchiness.

Characteristics on the "foodie" level are not lacking. They are more than known and, for health, it is very beneficial because it is an antioxidant. It helps fluid retention and is antibacterial.

White pepper:

The white pepper is also collected when the berry is ripe. At this point, they are dried first and then peeled to extract the grain itself. Subsequently, they will go to maceration with water, at which time it loses the skin, and hence it remains as a white grain that is what we will later consume. The bush from which it came? The Piper Nigrum like that of black pepper, but it differentiates it from the white one that has been left to ripen in its own medium and then peeled. To peel it, it can be soaked in water or other more mechanical procedures.

It is the perfect pepper for bechamel, it gives it a unique touch, and therefore, for a good pasta dish, white pepper is the most suitable. Of course, always attentive because it is the spiciest. Maybe because of its maturation or because it does not have a shell that "protects" it, whatever it is, it is the spiciest.

Grain or ground?

As we know, in the market, we can find peppercorns or ground, and obviously, there are differences when using each type.

Everything is in when we are going to use the pepper that we are acquiring. For conservation reasons, ground pepper is recommended in cases where you plan to use it immediately, or in a very short period of time. If this is not the case, what will happen after a while is that that pepper will have lost a lot of aroma and flavor even if it is perfectly stored.

So, in cases where you buy pepper for long-term use, peppercorns are best. That way, you will be able to use only what is necessary and grind it when you need it.

One of the characteristics that makes pepper one of everyone's favorite spices is that it can be used at any time during cooking, without losing flavor or aroma.

Do you need more reasons to start using pepper more often? Cheer up!

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Linda DeCann is US based pursuing her career as brand ambassador. Currently she is working with a new start-up Spicy Organic, they offer the best and high-quality organic spices and herbs online.

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