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Are You Worried About Your Mental Health? Tms Therapy Can Help

Author: Jason Pace
by Jason Pace
Posted: Jan 15, 2021

Mental health disorders can affect an individual’s mood, thinking, and behaviour, impacting the quality of life. Many suffer from mental illness from time to time. But, it becomes a major concern when ongoing symptoms can cause stress, affect the ability to function, and disrupt day-to-day life. In most cases, symptoms of mental illness can be managed with a combination of medications and psychotherapy. However, it doesn’t work for all. Many fail to reap the benefit of medications and psychotherapy sessions.

If you are one among them who could not improve your mental disorder symptoms through therapy and medications, tms therapy is for you.

What is tms therapy?

Tms Australia is a non-invasive procedure that uses powerful magnetic waves to stimulate the nerve cells in the brain that causes depression. TMS treatment is used when other mental health treatments fail.

How does tms treatment works?

During the TMS treatment, an electromagnetic coil will be placed against the scalp near the forehead. Then, the electromagnet painlessly sends a magnetic pulse to stimulate nerve cells in certain brain areas that are involved in depression and mood control.

It is done to activate regions of the brain that have decreased activity in depression. This, in turn, eases the depression symptoms and enhance mood. However, there are several ways to perform tms therapy, and techniques may change from one person to another, depending on the severity and symptoms of an individual’s mental illness. The tms treatment cost is affordable, but it may vary from one person to another. For more details about the cost of tms therapy, speak to your GP.

Why should you opt for tms therapy?

See, depression is a treatable condition. But, for some people, standard treatments like psychotherapy and medications aren’t effective. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is effective and used when standard treatments don't work. TMS is a non-invasive procedure, and it does not involve sedation or surgery that is required in other depression treatments, including deep brain stimulation.

Even though TMS therapy is used to improve the symptoms of depression, this procedure effectively treats a wide range of mental disorders, including Generalised Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tinnitus, and Cognitive impairments.

Tms is usually done in a doctor’s office and requires a series of treatment sessions to be effective. For more details about tms therapy, please call us. We are happy to assist you with all queries.

The author is a Psychiatrist, and he provides personalised tms therapy in an outpatient setting, avoiding the need for patient hospitalisation. Visit for more details.

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The author is an avid blogger. With a highly dedicated and experienced team, he delivers specialised transcranial magnetic stimulation to all his patients. If you are looking for, visit

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