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Buying Alcohol in Estonia

Author: Uday Patel
by Uday Patel
Posted: Jan 15, 2021
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Relatively small the Nordic Country Estonia is economically vibrant with one of the most digitally aware population. Estonia is also known for it salubrious climate and absolutely unpolluted air. The Saaremaa County excels in natural resources and biodiversity besides favorable geological formations.

Hence when Lahhentagge Distillery chose Lahhentagge Village in Saaremaa as location it was a wise choice. Best quality rye for fermentation and botanical like juniper berries abound and within a walking distance. Thus master blenders Maarit and Tarmo forage for the finest botanical and distill one the finest dry gin Osel. The craft gin is making long strides in growth and yes covering long distances thanks to craft production and unique taste and aroma.

Estonia does not suffer from alcoholism rather liquor is consumed for recreation and celebration events in limits. Limited consumption norms are followed in the societies as dangers of excessive consumption are evident. People are sober, industrious and socially agile, and the spectacular economic growth is not recent being industrious since ages. Liquor distillation with substantial share in economy is age old and earlier vodka was distilled in impressive quantities primarily for Russian consumption.

Wine making has been popular since earlier time along with brewing of fine beer some of which was homemade that could rival the brands. The country in Baltic is home to craft production in the contemporary era with beer and craft gin being distilled in boutique units. The new age production techniques have enhanced the industrial strength as well and distilleries like Lahhentagge are making a name for themselves. There is no limit to diversity is production and sales. One fine example is Vana Tallinin and alcoholic spirit that is popular all over the country and in neighboring Europe. Similarly Osel gin an alcoholic spirit a recent startup has commendable market share.

Innovation has lead to creation of gin alternatives Flaneur and Flanuese both sans alcohol. These are produced by Lahhentagge and have won awards already. The company plans to create a new niche in alcohol free segment with superior taste and flavor. This introduction has come out as a boon to teetotalers and those who avoid alcohol due to religious sanctions or for health. These drinks thus can be easily accommodated in health and wellness category. They are suitable for direct consumption and can also be used in cocktails as mixers or base.

Alcohol in Estonia is much freely available but has some restrictive parameters regarding sales within the country. This relates to timing wherein the sale is prohibited from 00.00 hours to 10 AM. This is a precautionary measure applicable to places of consumption like bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants. Restrictions also apply to minors as well. They can no longer carry or buy alcoholic spirits below eighteen. Earlier before the parliamentary legislation in February 26, 2008 they were allowed to carry sealed bottles of alcoholic spirits in Estonia. The responsibility of respecting this law lies upon the parents or custodians of the minor. Additionally subject to regulations moonshine equipment could be displayed in museums public and private.

Further advertisement of spirits is prohibited in mass communication devices like Radio and Television. These norms apply to all distilleries in Estonia in Europe. The laws regarding sale and consumption can be read on the EUCAM website.

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