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6 Top Principals of Naturopathy Treatment

Author: Anu Walia
by Anu Walia
Posted: Jan 21, 2021

In the US, the scope of getting a natural treatment is increased as most of the conventional doctors like MDs, Dos are practicing naturopathy in order to heal the problem of disease from its roots rather than suppressing the current symptoms of the problem. These doctors are medical degree holder practitioners who have gone through rigorous medical training from a recognized medical college or university. These doctors are known as Naturopathic doctors as their base of treatments is on holistic principles.

Let’s discuss the principle of a naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles:

  • Focus on the whole body, mind, and soul: They not just Cure the Problem but heal the overall health of the patient. They restore the physical, spiritual, and mental health of the patient. They treat the patient like a person, not a disease. They believe that good health is a combination of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social well-being.
  • Finding Main Issues related to Health: they focus on finding the main issues that cause health problems so that the right treatment can be provided. They often believe that the prevention of the diseases is first, and treatment is second. The ailments are often related to the whole body rather than a single part of the body. So they often take hours to examine the patients by different techniques including conversation, lab tests, etc.
  • The goal of Treatment: The treatment goal of a naturopathic doctor in Los Angles is to underlying the main causes of the disease instead of just suppressing the symptoms. The natural treatment involves a wide range of techniques, including educating the patients about self-care, CAM, and traditional medicine.
  • Creating Medical caring partnership with the Patient: the holistic doctors don’t treat like a doctor to their patients but making a health-caring partnership relationship with them. They often get in touch with their patients to improve their condition in the best possible ways. These doctors also provide mind therapies to improve the mental condition of the patient as often patients with serious health-issues leave hope of life. But the naturopathy doctors easily convert their negative thinking into positive thinking which increases their willpower to fight against the disease.
  • Strengthen the Immune System of the Patient: the naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles also get a complete routine chart of the patient including their daily food intake, daily routine work, mental and physical work. In this way, they easily catch up with the main causes of the problem. As mentioned above that most diseases are related to the immune system. So the first step of the doctor is to correct the lifestyle of the patient by providing the right lifestyle plan including a diet chart so that the immune system of the body can be recovered to its natural level. The diet-chart is made on the basis of nutritional deficiencies and to improve these deficiencies they suggest certain foods, oils, substances, and supplements. Once the immune system restored, it will be easier for the body to kill the bad bacteria and cells present in the body which causes health-issues.
  • Strengthen the Mind State: the patients who have life-threatening diseases like cancer or other problems with internal organs like the heart and kidneys mostly get depression. In this condition, the treatment doesn’t provide the expected results. The
naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles often helps such patient by providing mind therapies to change the way of their thinking.

  • Physical Workouts: not only mind therapies, but the doctors also educate their patients about the benefits of physical workout and how it can make difference in their treatment. For quicker recoveries, a physical workout is essential. They teach them certain physical exercises which can improve the condition. Also, they ask them to make it their routine work for enjoying long-term health benefits.
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