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Why should we get back to office?

Author: Savitha Sb
by Savitha Sb
Posted: Jan 21, 2021

If you live in Bangalore, I’m sure you remember scrambling every morning to get to work during peak hours. Getting up and leaving to work energised us and made us look forward to meeting our friends and colleagues at work. With so many large tech parks now virtually empty, it’s quite sad that many of us are no longer able to work in a professional environment. Going to the office is critical for our professional, social, and behavioural development.

Even though the pandemic is far from over, we have learned to live with it and we must consider how safely we can get back to work. Here’s why we should resume work a year into the pandemic:

  • Social interactions:

Man is a social animal and being social at work has several benefits. While working from home through video conferencing has benefits, those benefits are limited. Catching up with colleagues, sharing a laugh or two, enjoying meals together, and grabbing a drink after work are ways through which colleagues bond at the workplace. Brainstorming and ideation sessions, training programs, team building activities all require in-person social interaction, which is fundamental to our personal and professional development.

  • Building relationships:

    Some of the world’s best friendships have been formed at the workplace and people even meet their life partner at the office! Workplace relationships enrich and add value to our lives. When we limit ourselves to virtual relationships, there’s only so far that our relationships can take us. Working with people across different teams and sharing stories builds relationships.

  • Better collaboration:

    In the office space, members from different teams get an opportunity to bond and work today. Marketing teams get together with the R&D team and finance teams often work with the strategy team. Since virtual conferencing is also accompanied by a fatigue factor, it becomes difficult to sustain cross-team collaboration.

  • Economic recovery:

How many of you’ll take a cab to work? How many of you’ll commute by autos and public transportation? And even once we reach the workplace, we use food delivery services and dine at restaurants around the office. Going to work in and of itself is a way to help the economy bounce back. We end up helping several small businesses who are dependent on office goers for their survival. Right now, economic recovery is absolutely the need of the hour.

  • Peaceful environment to work:

    Working from home is stressful when you have small kids, a bad internet connection, too many people in the house, cooking and cleaning to take care of etc. An office environment is devoid of all these problems. You can focus on your work without any disturbances and be more productive too.

These are just some of the reasons why getting back to the office is so beneficial! And while the threat of the pandemic still looms over us, we can start by seeking out safe office spaces in the city. Managed office spaces and co-working spaces are excellent options worth considering. Managed office spaces such as Buzzworks by Brigade are situated in top-notch Brigade Commercial properties in Bangalore. If you have a small team, Buzzworks is ideal for you. If you have a larger team, you can consider larger Brigade Commercial properties that follow the highest standards of safety and security.

I’m sure you’re waiting to get back to work and meet your colleagues! With managed office spaces, you can have the cake and eat it too!

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