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How Smart Technology is used to Nab a Culprit

Author: Paraben Corporation
by Paraben Corporation
Posted: Jan 22, 2021
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It is quite common that lots of fraudulent activities are taking place these days. Like married spouses is taking advantage of technology to help them in concealing their hidden relationship. The use of computer and internet facility is used to build upon the extramarital relationship. In addition to this, also use the internet facility to hide their activity.

Having said this, a lot of work is going on in cell phone forensics segment by the professionals. Experts mention that using technology is a double-edged sword. Well in this, the culprit is forgetting one basic thing. Professionals mention that new sets of tools in the hands of the professionals does aid in creating a perfect outline for getting hold of the culprit.

In this article, the reader will get to know more about the smart ways professionals are making use –

Irrespective of the brand or category of mobile phones Like – Blackberry, PDA, or any other handheld device is becoming more or less a miniature sized computer. It encompasses built-in media storage and the other capturing of the data functionalities.

There are numerous types of activities you can do with them. Like the ones mentioned below –

  • Accessing the internet.
  • Taking of pictures.
  • Sending and receiving email.
  • Capturing of video.
  • Sending and receiving text messages.
  • Recording audio messages.
  • Storing of the contacts.

This device can easily be held in the hand and even fits into the pocket. Able cell phone forensic expert can retrieve data on a cell phone or any handheld device. Irrespective of the fact that data is deleted or completely erased from the digital device. Mostly, professionals can easily retrieve the following information.

These are mentioned below –

  • Deleted Pictures – It can be either image taken by phone. In another case that which are uploaded or downloaded from the internet platform.
  • Deleted SMS or any other text messages.
  • Deleted Contacts/ address books and email addresses.
  • Deleted Video Files.
  • Internet Browsing History.

It is not a praiseworthy thing, but numerous people have a lot of knowledge of using technological gadgets. With it, they keep themselves in the perfect position of using technology for their benefit. Then, hiding their fraudulent or other wrongful activities. From their spouse or partner, maybe any other person. Just because they are good in concealing the activities, doesn’t mean they can be written off from not getting caught. Professionals these days have also made sure that under no circumstances the culprit or the fraudster is running away. The use of smart tools is also used by professionals for getting the upper hand on the wrongdoers.

It is just not possible that any fraudster or wrongdoer carries out any activity without leaving any digital footprint behind. Now, with the services of skilled and experienced professionals, the culprit will come under scrutiny and later on get nabbed.

In the market there are few companies that are too good in carrying out proper training and development in the field of mobile forensics. Paraben Corporation is the firm that has managed to make sure that a professional acquires proper skill set.

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Paraben Corporation specializes in digital forensic tools to ensure the utmost safety to your data, computers, and devices. We offer Digital Forensic Tools, Mobile Forensic Tools, Digital Forensics Training and Services to help you solve cases faster

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