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Using A Neck Brace For Posture Improvement

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Sep 17, 2014
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Most people use a neck brace to help ease the pain and stiffness caused by an injury to the neck. The neck brace keeps the weight of the head off of the neck area and keeps the movement of the head to a minimum. But some people have found that the use of a neck brace has improved their posture. There are back braces that can correct posture issues, but a neck brace can also help to keep your spine in line and show you what good posture actually is.

Many people don’t realize how much they actually slump over, especially while in a seated position. You might even be surprised to find out that your bad posture, caused by the spine being out of line because the head is being carried in a forward position, is the cause of your neck pain.

5 Ways a Neck Brace Can Improve your Posture

1. It will take the weight of the head off the neck area.

The human head weighs in at from 8-10 pounds. That is a considerable amount of pressure that is put on the tender tissues of the neck. When the head begins to be held in a more forward position, the posture of the body will begin to deteriorate.

2. You will be able to see what correct posture feels like.

Telling someone to hold their head up and bring their shoulders back is a good thing but getting them to maintain that position would be difficult. If you wear a neck brace for a while your body will get used to this position and your posture will begin to improve when the brace is off the neck.

3. It will help relieve any neck pain caused by poor posture.

You may have poor posture because your neck is strained. With the neck brace on you will alleviate the pain so that you can resume an improved posture once the neck is healed.

4. It could cut down on headaches that are a result of poor posture.

The soft foam that covers many of the neck braces provides enough support for the head and neck area to function while keeping the movements limited. This could eliminate headaches caused by being out of alignment.

5. With the neck area supported the shoulders have a chance to relax.

Many people with bad posture are tense and some of the first places to feel the tension are the shoulders. When you become tense your shoulders stiffen up and you don’t realize how long you keep your shoulders in this same rigid position. This is another area that contributes to poor posture.

While using a neck brace for posture purposes isn’t a miracle cure, it could help you to heal areas that are contributing to your bad posture. Giving the tender tissues of the neck a chance to strengthen will make you more likely to stand up straight and exhibit an improved overall posture.

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