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Cybex Arc Trainer

Author: Totalbody Experts
by Totalbody Experts
Posted: Sep 17, 2014

Arc trainers are easier on the body. They alleviate the blunt force trauma that can be felt on joints and bones when working out on the standard cardio machines. This leaves the individual using the machines feeling less exhaustion and pain after the workout. When the individual feels better after working out, they will tend to want to work out more often

The design of the cybex arc trainer is fashioned so that it more closely replicates the natural motion of the legs. This means that less stress and strain will be placed on the knees. With less reliance being placed on the knees, the hamstrings and glutes get a better work out.

Activating the hamstring and glute muscles means that a more chiseled lower body will be the final outcome. This can be hard to accomplish and maintain. The arc trainer allows for the body to work in the way that nature meant it to work letting it look the way it should look.

Cybex trainers are also very easy to use, durable and reliable. They are perfect for commercial gym and fitness center use, but are streamlined and affordable enough for a private residential application as well. Each unit has many interactive features that lets the user track their progress, focus on one or more muscle sets and will increase intensity as it detects mastery of levels.

Each level also offers a different range of motion. The first level is more of a gliding motion to get the body toned and improve leg strength. At the intermediary level a stride motion is engaged that will work its way up the legs in strengthening calf muscles and some of the hamstrings. The top level is a climbing motion that then engages hip joints, glutes, and lower abdominals.

The cybex arc trainer can offer all of this in a smooth flowing transition fro one level to the next. If the user prefers they can focus entirely on one level or another, or they can move their workout through all three levels to truly tone and sculpt the entire body.

The slow easy motion from level to the next also means that the individual will need to workout half the time as they would to burn the same number of calories with another machine. This means that using the cybex arc trainer is like getting twice the workout in half the time. Results will be noticed faster also.

Interactive settings can also allow the individual to access their fitness and workout goals from a mobile device. Interacting with the machine from remote locations is as easy as sending an email.

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